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A personal note from Craig Huey...

National, state, and local economic, social, and political problems have solutions that the politicians won’t make time to talk about. 

  • California is in trouble. People are suffering. Corrupt politics and bad policies are creating unemployment, despair and economic malaise that are deep and painful. Our economy and jobs should be growing! But 5.5 companies a day are leaving. Economic opportunity is disappearing for most except the politicians and their friends.
  • You, like my neighbors and dozens of families I know, may be facing hardship, job loss, possible foreclosures and other financial difficulties that are simply incomprehensible in our free society.  Let’s work to change this. We need to restore the California dream for our kids and our grandkids. I want to create tangible change for them.


I’m Craig Huey, and I will be your advocate. Together, we can work our way out of this mess—expand individual liberty and create a better society with growth, economic opportunity and prosperity.


Craig A. Huey

Craig A. Huey
Small Business Owner


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Voter Guides

Our voter guide recommendations are designed to help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns.

LA Voter Guide helps individuals vote for LA County candidates.

CA Election Forum is specifically designed to help Chrisitans vote their values.

Judge Voter Guide is the only voter guide that specifically evaluates judges for the California Supreme Court, California Court of Appeals, California Supreme Courts.