2 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate

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The third and final debate of the 2016 Presidential Election was perhaps Donald Trump’s best performance and Hillary Clinton’s worst performance. Chris Wallace gave good and fair treatment of hard questions for both candidates. Unlike the first two, which were biased against Trump and favored Hillary Clinton. In the hour and half debate, these three issues were key to many voters: …

Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

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Where do the Presidential candidates stand on life and abortion? The differences between the two major party candidates could not be more stark: Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Obamacare should pay for abortion Yes No Life begins at Conception No Yes Taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood Yes Yes (but not for abortion) Partial Birth Abortion Yes No What  is partial birth …

Voter Guide Election Help [Election Forum]

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We have voter guides, webinars, and websites all ready for every voter who wants to know how to vote his or her values! Here is your voter guide to the 2016 Election. Presidential Central, with comparison charts, videos, and more. It Includes national voter guide info, too. Click here. Complete recommendations on President, US Senate, Propositions, judges, and local offices. …

Tell Congress: Save the Christians from Genocide! (Petition)

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Every thirty minutes, unspeakable tragedy strikes. A Christian in murdered in the Middle East! They have nowhere to go. In refugee camps, Muslims rape the women, abuse the children, and kill the men. In Europe, they are no better off, facing persecution from other Muslims, whether in refugee camps or out and about on the street. Their only hope is …

The #1 Thing You Should Know About the Second Presidential Debate … Scandals … Emails [Video]

The #1 Thing You Should Know About the Second Presidential Debate … Scandals … Emails [Video]

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The debate was awkward. It was tense. It was awkward And awkward, and awkward. It was also very revealing. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz of ABC were better as moderators then the biased liberal media from the first debate and the VP debate. However, Martha Raddatz did a terrible job of arguing with Donald Trump, rather than just asking questions. …

Obamacare: Crashing and Burning

Obamacare: Crashing and Burning

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Mike Pence has attacked it. Donald Trump pledges to repeal it. Now, even the Democrats are struggling to defend it. Bill Clinton, the former President and husband of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has called Obamacare “crazy.” Check out the video here: And now the architect of Obamacare—Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel—has been confronted over the skyrocketing premiums. And in many cases prospective insurance …

Presidential Candidate Comparison Chart: Religious Freedom and Social Issues

Presidential Candidate Comparison Chart: Religious Freedom and Social Issues

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This week, we look at the increasingly hot topic of religious freedom and social issues. Next week we will compare economic and job creation issues between the Presidential candidates.   Cultural Issues Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Protection of Christian Business Owners (see below) No Yes Protection of Christian Government Employees No Yes Biblical prayer and witnessing in the military No …