What people are saying about Craig Huey

What people are saying about Craig Huey.

Elected Officials Support Craig

Congressman Dana Rohbacher

Can restore the California Dream

“I endorse Craig Huey wholeheartedly – because he is exactly the kind of man we need in Sacramento right now. Craig is not a ‘career politician,’ rather a successful businessman who has owned and operated his own outstanding local companies for the past 30 years. Craig has always been active in the local community, but only recently decided to run for office. I highly urge you to learn more about what he can do to restore sanity to California politics, and hold the moral compass when it comes to public policy. Craig firmly believes, and I agree, that we can turn things around and make California and America great again!”

—Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Turn the unnecessary unemployment around

“As a small business owner, Craig Huey understands what is needed to turn the unnecessary unemployment around in California and restore jobs and prosperity to the California economy. Craig knows how to make tough decisions and is able to articulate solutions to solve our State’s biggest problems that are hurting families, taxpayers and businesses.”

—Assemblyman Brian Jones

Shannon Grove

Understands what it takes for job creation

“I am absolutely thrilled to support Craig Huey. Like me, Craig is a small business owner that understands what it takes to create jobs and get California working again.”

—Assemblywoman Shannon Grove

Tim Donnelly

Bring change to California

“We need more Patriots like Craig Huey in Sacramento, men who will stand and fight to protect our liberties and our economy as Californians. Without a doubt, Craig Huey with his business knowledge, media and marketing skills and understanding of economics will help bring about the change in Sacramento that will turn this state around. His ability to communicate to the people is badly needed in Sacramento and I want him to join me in the fight for California and for America.”

—Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

Not another career politician

“Craig has the experience and vision that are necessary if we are to begin turning California’s economy around and growing jobs in the South Bay. He’s the candidate with the ability to appeal to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. More importantly, he won’t be just another Sacramento politician.”

—Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Anthony Misetich


Will stand up to special interests

“Craig Huey will stand up to special interests and help grow jobs in this region. Craig has decades of experience as a small business owner and knows what it will take to get Californians back to work.”

—Redondo Beach City Councilmember Matt Kilroy


Cut business-killing regulations

“Craig Huey’s business experience and communication skills will serve this community well in Sacramento. California’s economy continues to struggle and unemployment remains high—we need leaders who know what it takes to actually run a business and grow jobs. Craig Huey has done both and has the vision to begin turning our economy around.”

—Rolling Hills Estates Mayor Pro Tem Frank Zerunyan 


State Senator Doug LaMalfa
State Senator Mimi Walters
Former Senate Republic Leader Dick Ackerman
Assemblymember Martin Garrick
Assemblymember Allan Mansoor
Assemblymember Mike Morrell
Assemblymember Linda Halderman
LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich
Manhattan Beach Mayor Wayne Powell
Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto
Lomita City Councilman Henry Sanchez Jr.
Lomita Councilman Ben Traina
Rancho Palos Verdes Councilman Brian Campbell
Rancho Palos Verdes Councilman Jerry Duhovic
Rancho Palos Verdes Councilwoman Susan Brooks
Torrance City Councilmember Susan Rhilinger
Palos Verdes Estates Councilmember John Rea
Hermosa Beach Councilmember Kit Bobko
Former Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Barbara Ferraro
Former Redondo Beach Councilman Gerard Bisignano
Torrance Commissioner Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino
Former 66th Assembly District Candidate Nathan Mintz
Former Torrance City Councilman Mike Mauno
Former Torrance City Councilman Rod Guyton
Former Torrance Commissioner Cinda Herring
Former Torrance School Board Member Kurt Driskill

National Federation of Independent Business/California
California Small Business Association
Torrance Police Officers Association


Community Leaders Support Craig


Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Symmon

Will implement fundamental change

“As a candidate for Governor in 2010, I ran because I had a passion to see fundamental change that the career politicians and lawyers have been unwilling to implement. That’s why I am supporting Craig Huey for the 66th Assembly District. I join many other Democrats in supporting Craig in his effort to help the middle class and the poor in this poor economy.”

—Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Symmon

As a Prisoner of War alongside John McCain, I know what it takes to make tough decisions. Craig Huey—a business owner for more than 35 years and a father of five children who has long been active in Republican politics—has what it takes to make tough decisions.”

—Col. John Fer, Palos Verdes Peninsula Republican Assembly President

I’ve watched Craig Huey on national TV and listened to him on the radio. He can take Republican principles and articulate them to a mass audience in a persuasive way. That’s exactly what’s required to make the change we need in California.”

—Todd Blair, Torrance-Lomita Republican Assembly President

Our state is losing jobs and businesses because of terrible decisions and bad economic policies. Through his maturity and experience, Craig Huey understands business…he understands how to create jobs…and he understands how to turn this economy around.”

—Bill Schmidt, South Bay (LA) Republican Assembly President


Small Business Leaders Support Craig

As a small business owner himself, Craig Huey knows we must bring businesses back to California and encourage the creation of new jobs by immediately reducing taxes, fees and regulations. Craig is not a career politician. That’s why business leaders know they can trust Craig to get the economy back on track and restore the California Dream.


Lee Barden, Barden Electronics
Michael Barry
Brian Carrico, Business Owner
Frank Clark, Business Owner
Lilia Crisostomo, President – Greater South Bay Home Health
Nancy Detjen, Business Owner
Ron Detjen, Business Owner
Greg Higa, Business Owner
Scott Jensen, Business Owner
John Johnson, Owner His Life Woodworks
Dr. Victor Krall, Business Owner
Norman Lenders, Lenders Solar
Gerald Marcil, President – Palos Verdes Investments, Inc.
Eladio Medina, Business Owner
Don Mehlig, Owner M Advisory
Linda Elizabeth Neal, Business Owner
Dr. Ray D. Pendergraft, Ray Daniel Chiropractic
John Rademacher, jPRademacher Company Inc
Dr. Michael Roquemore, Owner – Roquemore Chiropractic
Laurance Southern, Business owner in Riverside County
Mark Tallman, Business Owner
Zonya Townsend, President – CA Nurses for Ethical Standards
J. Daniel Vogelzang, President M Advisory

Our Friends & Neighbors Support Craig

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents have supported Craig because of his crystal clear message: Stop the insanity of overspending, stop the deficit spending, reduce regulations and taxes, expand individual freedom and create for California anew a thriving economy and jobs—restore the California Dream.


"Craig, with the unions pouring in millions and a completely inaccurate portrait of you as a candidate its no wonder you lost. On top of that the Daily Breeze endorsed your opponent. Helen Copley must be turning in her grave.

The Breeze is more and more becoming a mouthpiece for the liberal left. They are tough to take on because once they have it in for you they never let go.

I hope you watch closely the supermajority the Dems have as they are starting to target Prop 13 just like they promised. You need to be a staunch and vocal defender of this."

--Dave Rupp

"Hi Craig, so sorry that you did not win-people do not seem to understand the grave situation we are in. I do have something for you to look into. Around election time this year and in 2010, a pamphlet is sent out from an outfit in Long Beach – it is deceptive as it looks as if it comes from the Republican Party- it endorses the main candidates but when it comes to the Propositions most are exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Republicans would approve of. For instance they told us to vote YES on 30 and NO on 32. I am sure that a lot of people who do not have time to thoroughly study the Props, would probably run out the door on Election Day with pamphlet in hand to use as a guide to vote.

And I hope you run again in the future. Remember A. Lincoln ran 7 times before he won an election."

Best regards to you and your lovely wife."



"Craig, so sorry you lost. The people of this country and this state have surely lost their minds. I do not understand the ignorance of consequences that is inherit in their voting! You did a good job and a good campaign. I saw the ugly out right lying ads of your opponents. I am on your side. And better luck next time."

--Joan Jones



Lillie Adams
Betty Ahlport
Boyce Ahlport
Paul Aldrich
Gary Aminoff
Patty Anderson
Kurt Baker
Linda Barbara
Lee Barden
Daniel Barnett
Al Baxter
Nace Benveniste
Janice Boehnlein
Robbin David Bowers
Andy Braceros
Marlyn Braceros
Gary Brooke
Bruce Brown
Jimmy Camp
Dan Carbajal
Lori Carlson
Donna Carrico
Marian Chaddick
Barbara Chalekian
Lisa Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain
Annie Chase
Evan Chase
Frank Clark
Phyllis Clark
Eileen Clary
Steve Collett
Carlos Concetti
Mindy Costa
Sandy Craig
Francisco S. Crisostomo, III
Susan A. Dalton
Bob Davis
Cheryl H. deBeaubien
Scott deBeaubien
Dawn Desuacido
Mario Diaz
Sarai Diaz
Cor Van Diepen Diepen
Arleigh E. Dotson
Jackie Doyle
Jim Eaton
James Edwards
Tran Edwards
Stephen Eisele
Joyce Ellison
Michelle Ernaga
Robert Evans
Carolyn Fitzpatrick
Terry Fredrickson
Leroy Frye
Paul N. Funk
Roger Garrett
Thomas G. Gehring
Nancy Generoso
Brian Gibson
Kurt Giesregen
Rebecca Goddard
Phil Goode
Zack Gourley
Harley Green
Tony Gregory
Mike Griffith
Kathleen Groom
Steve Groom
Eddie Hansen
Matthew Hanson
Bruce Harman
Matthew Hayden
Michelle Heredia
Judith Hirsch
Mark Hopkins
Tracy Hopkins
Gloria Huey
Charles Ioimo
Kristina M. Ioimo
Ben James
Jody James
Adrienne Johnson
Kent Johnson
Maureen Johnson
Randy Jordan
Brett Joseph
Sondra J. Katz
Dale Kaye
Craig Killam, Jr.
David M. Kintas
Marjorie M. Kintas
Kent Komae
Bob Lake
Pansy Law
Bryan Lee
Diana Leslie
Lee Leslie
Sam Litousky
Nick Livoda
Wilma Looker
Enrique Lopez
John Magera
Nancy Magera
G. Rick Marshall
Eugene “Gene” V. McCarthy
Andrew McCormac
Jim McFarlin
Susan McFarlin
James D. McGee
Alan McKinney
Donna Meisenholder
Hal Messinger
Robin Mitchell
Gary Mlynek
Dudley Muth
Thelma Newton
Mark Tuan Duc Nguyen
Steven J. Nicoloro
Emma Oike
Jack Oike
Anita Patillo
Randa Pearson
Ted Pearson
Grace Perez
Leo F. Peterson
Arthur Plourde
David Pruyne
Charles Reis
Amy Richards
Scott Richards
Annette Roquemore
Angie Rosen
Joe Kaya Rubio
Nevis Ryan
Adrian Saavedra
Greg Sachnewycz
Sandy Sandoval
Theresa Sanford
William Sanford
John Santner
Alan Schmidt
Robert Schuffman
Kim Smith
Kim Spruth
Steve Spruth
Cathy Statler
Mary Stephenson
John Stolte
James Stump, LMFT
Robert Sugino
Claude Tadoroff
Donna Takaki
Roy Tartoro
Brian Thatcher
Linda Thomas
Nancy Thomason
Stuart Thomason
Charles Thompson
Katie Tiffany
Steven Tomiyama
Adora Ulloa
Cor Van Diepen
Wayne Wainer
Gary Walterscheid
William A.Ward
Nanette Watts
Paul Weseman
Daniel Whittaker
Jean Wiltfong
Laura Wise
Jerry Withers
Mike Woods
James Ybarra
Peter Yollin
Felix Yu
Dorothy Herrity
Lisa Wyzard
Jim Hawkins
Scott Jensen
Dorothy Sharp
Debra T. Leach
Helen Trefflich
Doug Leach
Roger D. Sommer
Sofia Sommer
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