Every State Alert: Why California Gas Prices Are Higher, and Could Spread to Other States

Every State Alert: Why California Gas Prices Are Higher, and Could Spread to Other States

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Pity those who live in California. They pay 30-40% higher gasoline bills.


Because of the liberal, tax-and-spend Democratic-controlled state legislature.

Direct and indirect taxes have spiked the price for every time Californians fill up.

Then add the unnecessary regulations on top of that, and the price of gas spikes up even more.

California, the Cap and Trade State (Credit: Mother Jones)

California, the Cap and Trade State (Credit: Mother Jones)

As of now, ordinary Californians are in total paying $2 billion more for gas because of these Cap and Trade taxes.

California is the first state in the country to require gas and oil companies to purchase carbon emission credits. These credits compensate for the companies’ ongoing release of carbon into the atmosphere.

The hidden tax adds a $0.12 tax to every gallon.

The tax hurts the poor, seniors—everyone!—because of the higher costs of gas.

And if other states aren’t paying attention, this tax could be coming to your state, too!

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  1. It is really a shame what has happened to California. The whole state is being held hostage by liberal left-wing minded kooks! Sacramento is not the state capital, Hollywood is! Because the legislature is Democratic, everything they can think of doing is being done. This legislature is godless and immoral in every way and they couldn’t care less what the people of the state want or need. The high gas prices, the sometimes freeway closures, the idiotic, expensive high-speed rail system, an abundance of bike lanes, and all the ugly little cars on the road, all point to the environment extremists–not to mention, solar panels, windmills, and a refusal to drill for oil. It’s all about the progressive-socialist agenda. It is a wonder that a lot more people are not leaving this state in droves. Our state needs much prayer and a major shift in the government to righteousness. “When the righteous are in rule in the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, the people morn.”

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