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Parental authority

I have five children—now grown, but you know the truth about that: We never stop being parents. They still stop by my office, several help with this campaign, and we talk often about hopes and fears, dreams and plans—and what the future holds. Each time I see them my heart leaps.

You know what that’s like.

But the state isn’t thrilled by all this. The more power and control it seizes, the less it leaves for people—like parents and their children.

In a sense, they do seem to want us to stop being parents.


  • In 2011, the legislature passed and the governor signed legislation allowing girls as young as 12 to receive three costly, painful and proven dangerous inoculations for sexually transmitted diseases…without parental consent.
  • San Francisco tried to ban circumcision, overturning thousands of years of religious practice—on an issue that is purely about parental choice anyway.
  • The state education apparatus co-opts parental authority to teach spurious history, while propagandizing and indoctrinating children on social, political and environmental areas…everything but teaching them to read and write.

We must reverse these unacceptable encroachments on parents and families.