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This LA Voter Guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidate’s record according to experience, integrity and commitment to community.

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Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete.

  • thumbup.gifthumbup.gifthumbup.gif : Strongest endorsement for values voters
  • thumbup.gifthumbup.gif: Above average
  • thumbup.gif : Better than opponents. Some races are between candidates that you will disagree with. You may not want to vote for any of them, but at least a 1 thumbs up makes one candidate better than the other. It's the lesser of the two evils. 1 thumb up is not really an endorsement. 
  • No Endorsement: We either oppose the candidates or have found no reason to support a candidate. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes still count. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes you make for other offices still count.



Board Member; Los Angeles Unified School District; District 7

  • Lydia A. Gutiérrezthumbup.gifthumbup.gifthumbup.gif
  • Richard A. Vladovic


State Senator; District 7

  • Joan Buchanan
  • Susan Bonilla
  • Terry Kremin
  • Steve Glazerthumbup.gif

Thousand Oaks City Council 

  • Rob McCoy thumbup.gifthumbup.gifthumbup.gif
  • Ed Jones
  • Dan Roundtree
  • Chaise Maquire Rasheed

Board Member; Los Angeles Unified School District; District 3

  • Tamar Galatzan
  • Scott Mark Schmerelsonthumbup.gifthumbup.gif


Local Measures


May 5th

El Dorado County Many Oaks Lane Zone Service Area No. 9 Special Parcel Tax

If approved, this measure authorizes the district to impose a parcel tax of $250 per parcel for each unit of property, whether improved or unimproved, in the district. The proposed tax was designed as a special tax, with revenue dedicated solely to road improvement, maintenance services and drainage facility maintenance. It was designed to replace the current parcel tax levy.


Nicasio School District Parcel Tax Increase, Measure A

If approved, Measure A would authorize the district to renew for ten years its expiring parcel tax and increase the annual rate by $99 per parcel to a total of $573.46 per parcel. Measure A would also authorize 3-percent annual increases to the tax rate and provide for an exemption for seniors.

In 2008, district voters approved Measure B, authorizing a parcel tax of $375 per year per parcel. The measure included a 4-percent annual increases which boosted the tax to its 2015 level of about $475. This Measure B tax was set to expire in 2016, and this year's Measure A was proposed to replace the expiring revenue and provide an approximately 21 percent boost in parcel tax income for the district.


San Carlos Elementary School District Parcel Tax Increase, Measure P 


If approved, Measure P would:

  1. Replace the district's expiring annual parcel tax of $78 per parcel with a tax of $136 per parcel, increasing it by $58;
  2. Consolidate this tax with the district's $110.60 per parcel tax.

In summary, this measure combines two of the districts parcel taxes into one tax with a rate of $246.60 per parcel per year, which amounts to about a 30 percent increase overall.

The district's expiring $78 parcel tax was last approved by voters in 2009 under the name Measure B. It was set to expire in June of 2015.

The district's $110 per parcel tax, which would be consolidated with the Measure B tax if this measure is approved, was last authorized by voters in 2011 under the name Measure A.


Palo Alto Unified School District Parcel Tax Increase, Measure A 

If approved, this measure authorizes the district to replace its expiring parcel tax with a new tax of $758 per parcel per year. The new tax, which amounts to a $120-per-year increase from the previous parcel tax of $638, was designed to last for six years before requiring renewal or replacement by the voters. The previous parcel tax rate generated about $12.4 million per year - 7 percent of the school district's operating budget. District officials estimated that boosting the tax by the approval of this measure would provide about $2.3 million more per year for the school.

The measure also allows exemptions for seniors.


Campbell Union School District Parcel Tax, Measure B ballot question is on the May 5, 2015 election ballot for voters in the Campbell Union School District in Santa Clara County, California.

If approved, Measure B authorizes the district to impose a parcel tax of $49 per year per parcel for eight years.



 Measure A Renew and Extend for 10-years -- Nicasio School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)To maintain small class sizes, provide competitive salaries, offer instructional programs that support diverse learners, and fund school operations essential to these goals, should Nicasio School District renew and extend its expiring parcel tax for ten years commencing July 1, 2015, increase the rate by $99 to a total of $573.46, and apply a 3% annual increase for each subsequent year, with an exemption for resident property owners age 65 and older?




 Measure A Renewal of Expiring Education Tax -- San Ramon Valley Unified School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)Without increasing the current tax rate, to support academic excellence, retain qualified and experienced teachers, and prepare students for 21st century college and careers with strong reading, writing, math and science education, shall San Ramon Valley Unified School District renew its expiring education tax at $144 per parcel for 9 years, with citizen oversight, annual audits, no funds for administrative salaries, an available exemption for persons 65 and older, and all funds spent to support local schools?