2020 Presidential Election Poll Results: Have You Expressed Your Voice Yet?

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If the 2020 presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?

So far, hundreds of subscribers have responded to our 2020 Presidential Election Poll … and 98.3% said they would vote for Donald Trump.

To those who have taken the time to respond to the poll – Thank You!

If you haven’t yet “voted” in the poll, please take a minute or two and vote today.

Here are a few of the reasons poll respondents have given for why they think President Trump deserves a second term:

  • “I like that Donald Trump is not a career politician. He has no obligations to cow-tow to lobbyists or to large corporate donors. His foreign and domestic policies have done more for America than any president since Ronald Reagan.”
  • “He’s not part of the swamp.”
  • “Pro-liberty, pro-country and not beholden to any party.”
  • Pro-life, pro-business, pro-America.”
  • “He is serving the American people, not his private interests.”
  • “While I was not AT ALL a fan of Donald Trump when he entered the presidency, I am seeing positive shifts in the United States and I will vote for him on that basis in 2020.”
  • “He’s a man of action getting results. Democrats are the Party of ‘say one thing, do the opposite or nothing at all.’”
  • “President Trump has been doing an amazing job even in the most difficult of circumstances and I will continue to support him through another term to continue this most important work…”
  • “He’s not a globalist, or socialist. He is doing his job to protect the USA. He is doing his best to keep his campaign promises and protect the Constitutional rights of all legal citizens.”
  • “I think Trump has done a magnificent job under the circumstances.”
  • “His first term in office has been impressive and I believe he best represents our country.”
  • “Pro-Life, Religious Liberty, Protects our National defense and sovereignty. Good for economy. He stands up to harsh opposition, and has accomplished a lot already. He cares about people.”
  • “President Trump is a rough talker, but he leaves no doubt that he loves America and keeps his (campaign) promises.”
  • “Results. Knew ahead of 2016 that he would be a brash mover. Hope he can hang on, despite the attacks, which will continue. The attacks are absolutely petty, and could apply to anyone who has achieved billionaire status in business.”
  • “I can’t deny he makes me cringe sometimes, but he stands for the rights of the unborn and now the BORN, he stands for religious liberty and he stands for the protection and sovereignty of America as a nation…AND he stands for Israel.”
  • “He is the only person working for our country and helping the fight against abortion and trying to stop the influx at our southern border. He also has cut many regulations that help small business owners succeed…”
  • “I may dislike his Tweets but HE is getting things done and standing strong for the unborn, citizens, and LEGAL immigrants. Supporting American values makes us stronger. Socialist tyrany (sic) will destroy America not make it better…”
  • “The economy has improved. Hundreds of regulations have been removed. He confronted North Korea. Got rid of Iran nuclear agreement. Border security. Hostages brought home. Moved our embassy in Israel. Supports the police and brought back their image after black lives matter were so hateful to them.”
  • “Nobody else can expose the Democratic agenda, Republican complicity, mainstream media propaganda, immigration failures and foreign trade/treaty imbalances like Donald J. Trump.”
  • “Donald Trump is the only candidate that actually cares about the citizens of the United States of America. He does not need money and he does not need to give away free money or free welfare to buy votes in order to stay in power. He has ethical and moral principles, a respect for the “rule of law,” and is not afraid to walk away from a bad deal. He is the first honest and competent President since Ronald Reagan.”
  • “President Trump is working hard to protect the rights and freedoms of American citizens, and he’s getting things done. He’s been an incredible president.”
  • “I originally held my nose and voted Trump in an “anyone but Hillary” mode… I have absolutely changed my opinion of Donald Trump, and would vote for him in a heartbeat. He has singlehandedly caused the Democratic senators and representatives, as well as many Republican legislators to reveal themselves as the “brood of vipers” that they have always been, thereby giving our citizens the ability to choose if these are the kinds of lawmakers and laws under which they want to live…”
  • “He values human life, he’s intent on cleaning up corruption in government, he values freedom of religion, he believes in a strong military, he supports Israel, he broke the disastrous treaty with Iran, he works for nothing (donates his salary), he’s tenacious and doesn’t give up, he is determined to get constitutionally conservatives in the courts, he’s adding jobs and lowering taxes… In short, I believe he’s the best president we’ve had in my lifetime.”

Please – if you haven’t already done so – help educate voters across the nation by taking part in our 2020 Presidential Election Poll.

Who are you planning on voting for, and why? Click here.

We’ll be sending the poll results to the media and sharing them in our national radio and TV interviews, on social media, and in public speeches.

We’ll also send out the results in all of our newsletters.

Your voice is important … Your voice has an impact.

Your preliminary vote will influence the press … the politicians … large donors … and most importantly, other voters.

These valuable poll results will be used to do strategic marketing and training to:

  • Help impact the 2020 election
  • Highlight the true trends in the critical presidential race
  • Give a voice to you and your friends

Please – if you haven’t already done so – take a moment to tell us who you want to win the election – and write a brief comment on why you like your choice. Then, share the link to the poll with your friends through email, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media you use.

Thank you in advance!

Click here to access the poll.

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