Alarming Trend: The Domination of Intersectionality and Collectivism in Politics [Video]

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Intersectionality and Collectivism are becoming the guiding principles of argument and debate among many Americans … whether they know it or not.

They are totally contradictory to individualism … and freedom.

Collectivism is preferred by those who support a government nanny state … and control of individual behavior by the force of the state.

Collectivism gives people a group identity, not an individual identity.

But God created us as individuals…

And America was founded on the principle of the individual.

Our entire form of government – and our economy – are based on the principle of individual free choices.

This gives everyone equal opportunity … including economic opportunity.

However, on college campuses and beyond, individualism is being replaced by groupthink: by government interference to favor some groups over others due to their political philosophy or “identity”…

A prime example of groupthink is intersectionality…

Intersectionality is a form of identity politics in which the value of your opinion depends on how many victim groups you belong to.

Your opinion only matters relative to your identity … and the value of your identity is dependent on its ranking on the hierarchy of “intersectionality.”

The more victim groups you belong to, the higher your identity ranks … and the more credible your opinions are.

Watch this video describing intersectionality and how it’s become a dominant force in American culture (4 minutes):

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