… and finally … some conservatively-slanted humor from SNL

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Saturday Night Live isn’t the kind of comedy TV show you would normally think of as promoting a conservative political viewpoint.

But a humorous sketch on the show presented a favorable depiction of President Trump – from the mind of a dog.

Three “scientists” were demonstrating a new invention: a machine that translates the thoughts of a pet into words.

The scientists – as well as the “investors” in the project – were shocked when they discovered what the pet of one of the scientists was thinking.

CAUTION: Some of the humor in the skit may be offensive to some:

  • A couple of the dog’s “thoughts” about his owner are somewhat crude.
  • At the end of the skit, the dog’s owner – played by Scarlett Johansson – places a hat depicting the women’s liberation movement on the dog … and uses a derogatory term to describe his mental state.
  • One of the “investors” threatens to shoot the dog with a pistol because of his “support” of President Trump.

Watch the video of the sketch here (about 5 minutes):


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  1. That’s a very interesting clip considering it came from the liberal point of view. It’s all good if you agree with the libs, but disagree and they have no tolerance what so ever. We definitely need a revival to bring our country back to our Lord and Savior. So many of us are sick and tired of the medias negative spin on anything Christian related or conservative related. Look at what happened to Greg Laurie’s Harvest bulletin board at Fashion Island, it’s so sad that a company caves in on a few complaints.

  2. Craig, very disappointed that you think Christians should compromise to foul and vulgar language to be momentarily entertained. Why do you think we have to be of the world to make a point? There is 2000 years of Christian history and writings and you just ignored all of it with a SNL skit. Very modern and up-to-date! You are really “with it”! You would be wrong to think of me as other than just being disappointed. You are very capable and yet you can still do better. Harry

  3. That’s the first SNL skit that I actually laughed at in three years. The battleground for hearts and minds of our young people starts in the culture. Media and schools are a big part of that. People like Craig Huey, Prager University, ACT, and Turning Point USA are some of the warriors battling for our American values system. If you can’t, won’t, or don’t fight, then please financially support those who do. God bless them and “gird thy self” for this spiritual warfare!

  4. Hard to watch, let alone enjoy since frequent uses of God’s name in vain, swearing & liberals win in end by threatening to shoot conservative dog & owner skirting him away with rebuke…..for me, just sad reminder of godlessness.

  5. Love it or hate it, you won’t have to worry about any more skits like this on SNL.
    If you review the skit, you’ll notice all the intentions to belittle the Trump arguments. Statements which are routinely ridiculed or minimized. But much to the complete surprise of the writers and actors, the audience responded to the Trump supporters’ arguments intellectually AND aligned EMOTIONALLY. The laughter came at the expense of the Leftists not Trump supporters.
    SNL won’t risk this mistake again.

  6. Refreshing. I’ve haven’t watched a SNL show in decades. Got rid of TV along with all that vulgarity. Still, this was refreshing since their skit ended up showing how ludicrous the left wing hate against our president is. They may have not meant to do this, but they did! Praise the Lord. I think more of the nation sides with common sense than the media knows.

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