‘Don’t Attack My Blackness Because I’m Republican’ [Video]

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There’s a false belief in the media and among progressive leadership that goes something like this:

If you’re black, you should not be:

  • Conservative or Republican
  • Vote for fiscal responsibility
  • Disagree with the progressive establishment

If you’re black you must:

  • Be liberal and opposed to conservatives and Republicans
  • Always vote Democrat, no matter 60 years of failed policies to the contrary
  • Rally against the free market and spending cuts

But about 15% of our readers are black and disagree with the above.

Today, more and more blacks are voting their conscience and not lock-step with how blacks are expected and told to vote by an entrenched Democratic Party and media.

But, conservative blacks face their own form of racism because they:

  • Value fiscal conservatism and common-sense laws.
  • Focus on optimism in the human spirit.
  • Believe in the human capacity for greatness and the ability to thrive without government intercession.
  • Value character over party affiliation.
  • Believe in the family, church and community.

America should be about values, not about race.

Paris Dennard was on TV after the violence of Charlottesville.

He is brave to speak out … and wow, was he under attack

Watch this heated exchange in this 18-minute video that caused Paris to say, “I will not be attacked by you about my blackness because I’m a Republican.”

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