Black Lives Matter, But So Do Others

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Martin O’Malley was boo’d off the stage by #blacklivesmatter protesters for saying that all lives matter!

The Black Lives Matter movement claims there is an epidemic of blacks being killed by police – and only blacks – but this group doesn’t have the right facts.

Take a look at this video, and see what exactly is happening in regards to police, the killings, and some of the problems.

Three things need to be said:

1. ALL lives matter.

2. Truth must be known.

The fact is, blacks are killed more by other blacks than by anything else. See the video brief below.

And, more whites are killed by police than blacks are.

Many of the stories on the face of the Black Lives Matter movement have turned out to be false narratives. We have no evidence that police-related killings are a matter of systemic racism in our nation.

3. The cities and police in the news are often run by black leaders, or by liberal progressive Democrats whose policies encourage a climate of economic, political, and social tensions that create dependency, violence, and poorer schools and infrastructure.

Take a look at this video where Sherriff Clark talks about the real issues. Watch here.

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