Water Bond Proposition

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Is Proposition 1–the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014–really in the best interest of California’s taxpayers? Watch this video, tell me what you think. I think there are too many unknowns in this proposition to be sure this will help us.

California is the “unfriendliest” state to do business in

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California has been voted most unfriendly state to do business in for more than 7 years. Between taxes and regulations we are chasing companies out of California at a rate of 5.5 a week. While most companies are small, Charles Schwab, Occidental Petroleum and Toyota are among the names of the big companies that have announced their leaving California. Examples of unintended …

Islamic State, Terrorism Impacts You

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You should be concerned as the Islamic State grows. It’s not rational. And it’s not new. For centuries, radical Islamic terrorists have sought to impose a caliphate–a dictatorial theocratic government based on Sharia law.    It’s brutal and ruled by terror. It will strike the U.S. It will impact you and your family. President Obama and his administration is pretending …

Outrage: Liberal Politicians Cave-in to CTA Money, Status Quo; Brown, Harris, Torlakson Hurt the Children, Protect Bad Teachers, Help Themselves

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The new court ruling was historic… It was for the kids…and against bad teachers, predator teachers, against teachers who should be fired but can’t be because of tenure. The judge ruled that the tenure law was unconstitutional. I wrote about its huge impact on 6.2 million California students here, in the last issue.    The judge said, among other things: …

How The Minimum Wage Law Is Hurting The Poor, Creating Greater Income Inequality And Poverty

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Raising the minimum wage is all over the news and liberal politicians are making it the #1 topic. But, it destroys opportunities and jobs. And it hurts the poor, the ones it’s supposed to help. California on July 1st raised the minimum wage from $8 to $9 an hour and will raise it to $10 in 2016.    What has …

Israel and 8 Shocking Realities Leading to Dangerous Consequences

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U.S. foreign policy failure is leading to dangerous outcomes in the Middle East. Israel is: • Our only ally in the Middle East. • The only democracy in the Middle East that protects human rights. • The only country in the Middle East that creates wealth for its population from resources other than oil. U.S. policies and the liberal, biased …

The Economy And The Stock Market Are In For a Huge Downturn

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Why? For the following reasons: • Former Reagan budget director David Stockman discusses whether or not there will be a market correction coming in the future. Watch Stockman’s prediction of the market crash ahead (video is about four minutes long). • Stockman also weighs in on Federal policy and the markets. The Federal Reserve has created a bubble–inflation and recession are …