Top 14 for 2014

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Here are the top 14 for 2014. These are the articles of 2014 you had to read. These are the ones that were the most controversial. They got the most comments or forwards. They were the 2014 all-stars. You won’t want to miss this! I’d love your feedback on the newsletter…the individual articles and your thoughts.  Just email me at [email protected]

Rand Paul: On Houston Assault on Religious Liberty

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The Houston assault on religious liberty has shed light on a Nationwide trend of religious bigotry and attacks on our freedom of religion. Here is a powerful interview with Sen. Rand Paul, roughly 4 minutes long. He talks about President Obama’s executive order and Houston’s attack on Christian Liberty.Click here to see it.

Cyber War: A Victory for Terrorism-7 things to know

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1.    Obama’s Non-Response The U.S.’s hesitation to publicly respond to the terrorism will only provoke more attacks by North Korea and encourage others. China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, and more are already trying to attack. And it is possible the communist Chinese assisted North Korea in the cyber attack. Want to find out why we’re vulnerable to cyber attacks? Click here …

Is “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” a hoax?

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CONGRESSMAN DANA ROHAHBACHER EXPLAINS WHY HE THINKS IT IS. AND HE CHALLENGES PRESIDENT OBAMA ON HIS POSITION, STATEMENTS AND “FACTS.” Here is what he said… Dear Mr. President: My apologies for missing your commencement address at the University of California at Irvine, honoring the 50th anniversary of one of our fine academic institutions. Meeting with my constituents just seemed more pressing, …

Election Tidal Wave Repudiates Big & Incorrect Government

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Tuesday’s election will impact you and your family.  The senate is now controlled by Republicans, mostly conservative & Libertarians.  Twenty four  democrats were defeated in government races. The experts were wrong. The polls were wrong. The people were right. The election proved money can’t buy a win–the republican winners were out spent by MILLIONS and still won!  This historic election …