Christians are Being Deceived

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Christians are being deceived by a $36 million dollar campaign by master manipulators…and I need your help to stop them. The deception target: Georgia evangelicals and pastors. Why? Because Georgia holds the future control of the U.S. Senate. The future of: Expanding or … limiting abortion Undermining or … supporting Israel Massive tax hikes … or stopping job killing taxes …

5 Reasons Lockdowns Don’t Work…They Make Things Worse [3 Powerful Must-See Videos]

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The politicians and media want you to believe lockdowns work. Here are 5 reasons they don’t that you should know. In the cities and states that have coronavirus lockdowns, cases are rising, not declining. Cities and states without lockdowns have about the same number of cases, or less. Lockdowns destroy choice and freedom. The Lockdowns are unconstitutional, creating more power …

Pastor John MacArthur: Religious Freedom, the Supreme Court…and his “Illegal” Church Services – What’s Next?

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The Supreme Court just ruled that New York could not trample on churches First Amendment rights to hold indoor services. What about other lockdown states discriminating against Christians, such as California? Here is a 5-minute video with Pastor John MacArthur who illegally opened his church months ago. Watch it by clicking HERE. What do you think? Email me at [email protected]

Special Report: Voter Fraud? Myth or Reality

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I’ve done several interviews since the November election on the subjects of voter fraud, election corruption, and the influence of Big Tech censorship. These are must-see, must-hear interviews containing important information you are not hearing from the biased mainstream media. 1. Voter Fraud: Fact vs. Fiction: My Epoch Times Interview [Video or Transcript] I just did an intense TV interview …

Thanksgiving 2020: Can We Really Be Thankful While the World Suffers From a Global Pandemic? Yes We Can: 7 Reasons Why [Video]

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Americans of all ages have been suffering this year from quarantines, stay-at-home orders and lockdown. Churches and ministries have closed or drastically downsized. Kids are being kept home from school in many counties in many states. Millions have lost their jobs. Thousands of small businesses have been forced to close for good. The economy is in shambles for many. Many …