They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

They Called Me a Fascist! What Does That Mean?

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When liberals lose the argument, they resort to name-calling.

I am sure it’s happened to you before.

One of their favorite lines is “You’re a fascist!”

That word defines someone who supports fascism.

So, what is fascism?

The media loves to equate fascism with capitalism or American conservatism.

It’s not.


Fascism is:

  • a political ideology which exalts government above God-given freedom
  • centralized, autocratic government
  • dominant leadership by a dictator
  • severe economic and social regulation by big government and bureaucracy
  • Widespread, forced suppression of free speech and dissent

The ultimate outcome of the fascism’s statist and collective core is a “Big Brother” government that suppresses freedom, including freedom of speech and dissent.

So the next time someone calls you a “fascist” because you do not support liberal policies or the Obama Administration, just ask them to explain the following:

  1. Obama has expanded the power of the government over the individual—deficit spending, Obamacare, higher taxes, and more regulations.
  2. Obama and Clinton are advocates for concentrating more power to the federal government—Obamacare, TSA, militarization of the police, warrantless searches, suing individual states for securing the border?
  3. Obama routinely ignores Congress, goes around the legislative process, and issues executive orders to enact policy, centralizing power in the executive branch.
  4. President Obama is shoving social liberalism—anti-Christian discrimination—down everyone’s throats, conforming beliefs to one ideology.
  5. He has repeatedly denied public records requests, while attacking key news outlets, wiretapping journalists, and seizing their phone records. Let’s not forget that the IRS was targeting conservative groups and churches over their tax-exemption status. He is also turning over the Internet over to bureaucrats with the Federal Communications Commission. (FCC)

Does fascism better describe President Obama?

With all of this in mind, doesn’t this record of government expansion and abuse make Obama a fascist?

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      1. The government is imposing fascism on America. It controls the levers of power and controls business directly or indirectly with severe regulation and taxation.

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