I can afford a mansion

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There are two types of Californians who are currently leaving California: 1. The Californians who want to buy a house – usually young people in the 20’s/30’s range that have young families. 2. The Californians who are retired. Why? Readers outside of California already know. It’s because when they see the prices of homes out of state – even huge …

Water Bond Proposition

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Is Proposition 1–the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014–really in the best interest of California’s taxpayers? Watch this video, tell me what you think. I think there are too many unknowns in this proposition to be sure this will help us.

Taxpayers Rip-Off – Video Exposé

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He’s doing what with your money?! CBS Channel 2 recently did a special investigation on how taxpayer money is wasted. This time, the bureaucracy has been spending money in a private company that has been soaking up the taxpayer funds.    And the bureaucrats responsible for this have basically ignored the situation. No one has had accountability. That’s the problem …

New, outrageous proposal: IRS targeting political opponents

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Fairness–in trouble Again! In third-world countries, arms of the central government are used to smash, silence or imprison political opponents.    Are we headed in the same direction here in the U.S., with the IRS being one of the agencies being used? Bill Elliott is a stage 4 cancer survivor. His health insurance was canceled because of Obamacare. He then …

Corporation Tax Insanity: Why Big Money Is Going Overseas

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And what we can do to get it back onto home turf The politicians and media are outraged. Instead of paying U.S. taxes, corporations are sending millions of dollars overseas. But why do they do this?      Because at 39.2%, America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. So how do you bring this money home? By lowering …

9 Republicans and all Democrats: A $2.3 billion car tax hike

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California spinning out of control California Governor Jerry Brown is at it again. We are being hit with a massive car tax.      But his $2.3 billion California car tax hike would have failed if it were not for 9 Republicans who voted for it. Here are the 9 Republicans:      State Senate                  Assembly Bob Huff                           Katcho Achadjian Anthony …

Shocker! Private employees vs. government employees

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What’s going on with your city? As government employee salaries increase—especially the hidden benefits/pensions—taxes must go up or city maintenance and services must go down. This unfair government employee bubble causes the type of bankruptcy we have seen with San Bernardino, Stockton and other cities. Let’s look at some of the city worker salary averages in California cities as opposed …

IRS Scandal: The Result Of Big Government – Watch Video

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Recent IRS scandal has placed our First Amendment rights at risk Big government is not the answer to our problems.    In fact, it is the problem. No better example makes this clearer than the recent IRS abuse of power. Since 2011, the IRS has been targeting Christian organizations and conservative groups with audits, denying them as nonprofits and even …