Why Charter Schools Can Help Kids Succeed and Government Schools Are Failing [Video]

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A charter school is a free public school that is operated independently of the government-run state and local school district bureaucracies.

Because they don’t operate under government bureaucracies, charter schools aren’t subject to many of the regulations and union controls that stifle educational innovation and hinder academic achievement.

Parents, teachers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, or any combination of these can submit a proposal for a charter school to the state’s charter authorizing entity.

By charter – or contract – charter schools are given greater flexibility in their operation in return for greater accountability in performance.

Charter schools have proven to help kids achieve better outcomes and academic achievements than most government schools.

That’s why there are huge waiting lists of parents wanting their kids out of the failing government schools … and why the government school establishment and the unions hate charter schools.

Because charter schools are not all the same, results may vary from one school or organization of schools to another…

Parents who are considering a charter school choice should get all the information they can about the school or schools in their area … and make an informed decision.

Watch the following 6-minute video about charter schools, and how innovative and creative they can be in challenging and teaching students.

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