Christians are Being Deceived

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Christians are being deceived by a $36 million dollar campaign by master manipulators…and I need your help to stop them.

The deception target: Georgia evangelicals and pastors.


Because Georgia holds the future control of the U.S. Senate.

The future of:

  • Expanding or … limiting abortion
  • Undermining or … supporting Israel
  • Massive tax hikes … or stopping job killing taxes
  • Regulating and controlling your life or … freedom
  • New lockdowns or … individual choice

In fact, Georgia is the only thing that’s stopping the full advance of the U.S. toward socialism…

It’s all dependent on whether the two pro-Socialist Senate candidates or the two pro-freedom Senate candidates win the run-off election in January.

The candidates are now tied 49-48% – winning or losing can be by a few hundred votes!

The pro-Socialist Democrat strategy is deception…it is to:

  1. Suppress the Christian vote … and silence the pastors … or
  2. Flip the Christian vote from voting for their Biblical values to voting against their Biblical values

They already tested and perfected this with close to $60 million spent by Joe Biden.

It was sophisticated, targeted advertising to evangelicals and to pastors that was powerfully effective in suppressing the Christian vote – and for some, flipping the vote.

Now they are bringing it to Georgia – probably with even more money.

But you can help me stop the deception.

We have a two-part campaign that needs your support.

Part #1 of Georgia campaign

Since most Georgia pastors failed to activate their church members to vote in November, we must motivate them to act now. Many were influenced into silence because of the “suppression” campaign. But we can change this.

We are mobilizing the pastors by sending them a copy of my book “The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values.”

Included is a powerful letter to them giving specific ways they can encourage their members to vote.

There are 457 churches that are evangelical and have over 100 members. 91 of them are megachurches. We will start with the megachurches and work down, depending on the donations.

Part #2 of Georgia campaign

There are 2.4 million Georgia evangelical Christians who should vote their values – but didn’t vote in November. They were part of both a “Suppression” campaign and a “Flip” campaign…and many just didn’t bother to vote.

85% of the evangelicals in Georgia who voted, voted for Trump.

We want to send the book The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values with a strong letter as to how to vote for, not against their values.

We want to send the book to those who voted in the past, but not in the 20020 election … and to those who just turned 18 since the election.

It will cost about $10.00 to FedEx each person a book. A book that could change the election outcome with your help.

Remember, the runoff election is on January 4th, so your emergency donation is needed now.      

Can you help send the book to:

  • 100 Georgia Pastors…contribute $1,000.
  • 50 Georgia Church Leaders…contribute $500.
  • 25 Georgia Evangelical Christians…contribute $250.
  • 10 Georgia Conservative Catholics…contribute $100.

Maybe you can help us send 1 book for $10.00. Every emergency donation can have the power of changing the Georgia election.

Whatever you can…in what has become the most important Senate race in American history.

Please make an emergency contribution to help us stop the deception.

You’re our only hope in stopping the manipulators in this vital election.

Please make your emergency contribution today to win both Senate races … and stop the moral evil and economic chaos that would happen if the Democrat Socialists win.

 You can make an emergency donation online by clicking here.

Or you can call 615.814.6633 between 9 am and 5 pm CST to donate over the phone.
Or you can mail a check to 1313 4th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Best Wishes,

Craig Huey

[email protected]

What do you think? Email me at [email protected].

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  1. You have so little real understanding of what is going on in society I am just amazed. Everything is this huge conspiracy against us Christians. Really, why don’t you read real solid Biblical social critics like Tim Keller. You embarrass us with your fear filled “the sky is falling” rhetoric. My God of scripture is way bigger than your frightened God who is going to be undone by the American Democratic party. Really????

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