ESPN: Liberal/Socialist Commentary is destroying the Sports Network

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ESPN has become a liberal/pro-socialist commentary and advocacy network.

Once upon a time, its sole focus was on sports.

But no longer.

Instead political, economic and social commentary is being integrated and injected into the sports programs.

A news reporter from the Washington Post wrote, “ESPN was criticized almost two years ago for giving Caitlyn Jenner its Arthur Ashe Courage Award over Lauren Hill, the Mount St. Joseph basketball player who had brain cancer. The criticism continued over its coverage of Colin Kaepernick last year and his protest of the national anthem.”

Sadly, ESPN is proud of it.

ESPN loses 10,000 subscribers everyday and has laid off 100 employees.

It’s crashing. The market is changing. But the politics has hurt.

Predictably, viewers don’t like it and many are not watching as much or not at all anymore.

Tucker Carlson did a great interview about this. It’s about 5 minutes long. Click here to watch.

Are you still watching the sports network?  What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. Political correctness is destroying some of our time-honored traditions and institutions like sports and sports networks. It looks and sounds like an evil conspiracy to tear down everything that is good, honored and respected in America. This is the liberal/progressive dream. Anything that true Americans enjoy and participate in is collapsing. The liberals are trying to bring down everything they can to stop patriotism and loyalty to our great nation. Even sports are not off-limits, and as I wrote in my previous post regarding Miss USA’s comments on healthcare being a privilege and not a right, now beauty pageants are not off-limits to political correctness.

    But, I’m grateful for bold courageous people who have made a decision that they are not going to take the political correctness crowd’s crap anymore, but are fighting back through alternative media sources like conservative talk shows, Facebook, and Twitter! It is so refreshing to see and be a part of taking the fight back to the enemy in his territory. March on Christian and conservative soldiers–we are winning this battle now because of Jesus!

  2. Completely agree. Luckily for these socialist PCs they currently maintain coverage of games I watch.
    The minute I have a choice I will dump them asap.Such garbage and why please why am I forced to listen to a woman do colour commentary for a New York Yankees broadcast?
    I just turn it off.Won’t listen.And never will.
    Bye bye ESPN.Oh and by the way Love Curt Shilling’s former work on your PC mush network.

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