Facemasks and the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife

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Are you using a face mask?

Masks are becoming a controversial political divide between these two groups – those who want to wear masks as a political statement and those who don’t want to wear masks as a political statement. Those who want to wear a mask do so for two reasons:

  1. Some are making a statement of trusting the pro-socialist ideology of certain governors, mayors, and health directors who want to control you.
  2. They are making a statement of protecting yourself or others, which is “socially responsible.”

Those who don’t wear masks are being shamed with growing anger – at times violent consequences.

Verbal and physical confrontations are on the rise.

Pro-mask users are becoming more vocal and violent in demanding compliance and obedience.

In some areas, such as Los Angeles, masks on all are required to go out – even at empty beaches and when you are in a car. In stores, masks are required in all stores and public places.

Sometimes, counties or cities have different rules.

The masks have created a great deal of confusion.

At first, the CDC/General Surgeon and medical experts said the masks don’t work and can actually hurt.

Then they switched and said everyone must wear them…or else.

Who aren’t wearing masks?

  • Republicans
  • Conservatives
  • Libertarians
  • Christians
  • Rural residents

Who are?

  • Democrats
  • Socialists/Communists
  • “Nones” and atheists
  • City dwellers

Masks skew to millennials…and especially to those with compromised health – usually the elderly.

For example, near Los Angeles county in California is Riverside County.

The county rescinded their facemask mandate and now masks are not required at all in the county.

In nearby San Bernardino County, the Sheriff made it clear his force would not enforce facemask mandates; so, the county lets the individual decide.

In Orange County, it’s up to the individual, but cities in the county like Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach and Laguna Beach require employees and customers to wear a mask.

And, some private companies enforce a mask, and some do not. Costco requires all employees and customers to wear a mask.

My wife and I, in Tennessee, decided to go to Sam’s Club where no masks are required. Less than 5% of the customers wore masks.

We went to church – no masks.

We went to restaurants – no masks.

We went to shops and stores – no masks.

To compound the confusion, many medical experts say:

  1. The mask reduces fresh oxygen. Everyone needs more oxygen. The mask can compromise your immune system.
  2. Some have also said It may be more dangerous to wear a mask if you do have the virus or something else, because you’re breathing it back in.

I flew several trips on a plane recently, wearing a mask to get on and off, but not wearing a mask, like most passengers, during the flight.

In Nashville/Franklin Tennessee – freedom. Less than 10% wore masks; none are required in the open stores, restaurants, and barbershops.

It’s your choice.

People are free.

People don’t have fear.

Let people decide. If they want to wear a mask, great. Do it…

If they don’t want to wear a mask, great. Don’t do it.

It’s called freedom.

Pro-socialist politicians want to see masks used continually until next year or longer.

It becomes a political and social statement they hope will impact the November elections.

Even if it’s ridiculous.

  • People in a car by themselves.
  • A couple walking on a trail or open street.
  • Politicians on TV…for example Senator Tim Kain of Virginia wearing a bandanna (looking like a robber) on TV for hours with no one else seated near him within three yards.

If you wear a mask, you’re obeying “science” and your government leader.

Don’t wear a mask and you stand for freedom, individual responsibility and a realistic assessment of risk.

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  1. The only time I wear a mask is if a business mandates it. I put it on just before entering and take it off immediately when exiting. Its bad enough China gave us this virus but there’s no reason we must look like the people of China by having our faces covered constantly. And YES, I’m a Republican and Very Proud of it. If you want to keep America FREE, VOTE RED NOVEMBER 3rd

    1. I’m with you, Lorraine. I also don’t wear the mask unless the business requires it. I, too, am a Republican and believe we should fight for our God-given freedoms.

    2. I’ve been told by some that some people, after getting into a business that requires a mask, like Costco, take it off as soon as they get in the door. I will not go to a business that requires one, so haven’t been to Costco or any other store requiring a mask. I’m also a Republican, staunch Conservative, and Born Again Christian. If I die, of anything, my days are up and I go to heaven to be with Jesus. Why would I not want to go there instead of living in this fallen world?

    3. Lorraine: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here in L.A., masks are required when you leave your house. I only wear one as I enter a store and like you, remove it immediately when I exit. Can’t stand the feeling to not be able to breathe in fresh oxygen. I also feel like it is my choice and hampers my individual freedom to be “forced” to wear it. And, YES, VOTE RED in November! This tyranny must end!!

  2. I wear a mask only when required. I receive daily situation reports from alert South Bay which state you must carry a mask with you on the beach or in public and put it on if you see people coming towards you. I have never heard of having to wear a mask in a vehicle. I work in court, and I am required to wear a mask there, a recent change from having to wear it only in elevators and hallways where we can’t social distance.

  3. Excellent article. I’m letting my dollars do the walking. Before I walk into a store I ask, “Do you REQUIRE masks?” If they say yes, I leave. If they say, “No, they are not required, just recommended.” I say, “Great!” and walk in without a mask on. You are absolutely right Craig, it is all about freedom and personal risk management! And I live in Orange County, CA, were 80% do not wear masks outside, a 50-50% inside wearing masks. LA is even worse. It feels very oppressive in LA! If I lived there I would move, for sure!
    Keep up the great work!

  4. I am advised by the doctors and the authorities but reserve the right to shelter and wear masks as I see fit. I would wear a mask with pride and conviction if it were a “MAGA” mask. Do you know where I could get one?

    1. James,
      An N95 mask, or just a stupid particle mask and a Sharpee works well! Be creative to get your message across. I’m in with Julienne…no mask, I’ll spend. Mask required…elsewhere I go, but let the store know about it in a nice way.

  5. I have a very bad time trying to get enough air if I wear a mask of any kind. I can’t breath well due to having asthma. So, I won’t wear a mask unless there is no choice, like when I grocery shop. And, I am not fearful when I go out without a mask. We all die sometime of something, everyone! God has allotted each person a certain number of years of life, He has numbered our days. He will take back the life he gave to me When the time he gave me is up. If that is from a virus or something else, I trust Him with the time He has given to me. I am not trying to be defiant, I just don’t believe masks are that helpful to begin with. If it becomes an absolute law, then I suppose I would have to obey government since God has said to unless it is causing me to violate and sin against God Himself. Until then, I don’t wear them except grocery shopping if needed per my markets request.

  6. I have a hard time understanding the fear, even among believers. Of course, the media and leftist politicians have stirred that up in a mighty way! My husband, 85 years old with Parkinson’s Disease, and I at 77 years old in excellent health, refuse to fear this virus and neither of us wears a mask except one time when he had to go into Kaiser for a test and they required it. I took mine off when I got inside and no one said a word.
    By now, we all know what a big hoax this whole thing was from the beginning. Dr. Fauci telling us there’s a very low risk of contacting the virus and not to worry about it, then telling us that up to 2.2 MILLION Americans will die of it, then telling us to wear masks and stay home, then more will die from staying home! He even told a questioner that it is okay to have sex with a stranger they meet online!! Does any of that make any sense?? Not to me it doesn’t! Many governors and mayors have loved the power this has given them and, in violation of the Constitution, order businesses closed, and people to stay at home, under penalty of jail and hefty fines! What they don’t tell us is that they have no authority to do any of this!
    America!! Wake up!! Open your businesses and churches, go out and enjoy yourselves; get fresh air and exercise! Quit cowering at home, getting depressed, and getting sick from a depleted immune system! And faith leaders, lead the way instead of giving your, and our, rights to the government!!

    1. Pat, you expressed in your comments my thoughts and opinions exactly. I almost had to go back and see if I had submitted a post previously because I am 100% in agreement. This is ridiculous and it’s a sign of the times and a sign of things yet to come. Wake up people! wake up America!

  7. All the comments are TRUE . I feel this is just a big
    Way to stint up the November elections. Bring down
    Voters, those who are afraid, to go without wearing
    This mask. Personally, I only put mine on right before
    ering the store, take it off when I walk out.

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