Historic Unity against Radical Islam–Except the U.S.

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From Europe, Africa, and to the Middle East, 40 top world leaders came to Paris to denounce radical Islamic terrorism.

But not the U.S.

The historical display of unity included the Prime Minister of Israel and the King of Jordan, among many, but there was no sign of President Obama, Biden, not even Secretary of State John Kerry.

And at the time of this writing, President Obama still refuses to say Islamic Extremists—fascists—are a danger to everyone.

No moral leadership from our President.

Talk about reckless disregard for his country and freedom.

Europe noticed. The Muslims noticed. The world noticed.

If a political situation doesn’t help Obama build his database, money and power….I guess his opinion is, well, why bother?

Powerful: Here is an overview of media and expert opinion on Obama and his administration’s refusal to go to the Paris anti-terrorism march!

Unbelievable: Listen to the state department spokesperson try to excuse and explain why Obama and the liberals refuse to say Islamic extremism.

Click here to watch.

Finally, see the video with Rev. Franklin Graham and Jay Sekulow.

Click here to watch.

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