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    Bless you Craig. Each time election time comes, you make my life easier. You were born to do what you’re doing! Barb Faucette

    This voter guide for judges is a priceless resource that has saved me hours of time researching judges when I vote. What a great public service. Keep up the good work. Bob Zietlow

    Your Voter Guide was extremely helpful. It was immediately obvious that you were using the correct criteria to evaluate these judges. Brian Boyette

    Thank you for your voting guide – I live in PV, and trust your picks, particularly among the judges. Thanks for doing the research and publishing. Mix R.

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    “I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several years now and can say, without a doubt, it has helped me make Biblical choices on various issues. You are the only source that provides me with the truth.

    “From issues that affect me and my family to signing petitions to specific issues that just apply to the area I live in, and especially now with this very important election. Thank you so much for your hard work and for so expertly and competently researching ALL the issues and passing them on to us. God Bless you!”

    Donna Liebel