Out of Control: Abuse of Power, Leaks and Illegal Surveillance [3 Powerful Videos]

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The Obama administration used the illegal spying on Donald Trump and other opponents of the Obama agenda. Here is the latest revelations.

The credibility of the NSA/FBI, CIA and other US intelligence agencies is gone.

What we are discovering is that your privacy is under attack by illegal government surveillance.

New revelations are revealing more of the details of the illegal spying and fourth amendment rights.

And that includes elected officials and the current White House with politically motivated leaks.

The leaks coming out of the “Deep State” are just part of the problem.

In the last issue, I described how the Deep State operates.  You can read the article here.  Part of the problem is ideologically driven bureaucrats. Part of the abuse of power are recent Obama hold overs.

When Hillary lost the presidential election, Obama quickly transferred his political appointments to Civil Status in order to make it impossible to be fired by President Trump…and stop Trump from achieving his agenda.

They use their positions of influence, power and insider access to leak private and confidential information to the media and political enemies.

Sometimes true.

Sometimes partially true.

Mostly fictitious.

But always with enough facts and credibility for the press to say, “our sources confirm” or “confidential sources say” or “anonymous sources say.”

Not confirmed.

Not legal.

Not ethical.

These inside sources are even leaking secret information to the media with one purpose:

To damage the Presidents credibility, destroy his agenda to govern, and undermine his agenda of undoing the big government programs of President Obama. Programs that aren’t working, are wasteful and killing jobs.

Here is an amazing interview on the abuse of power in government spying by historian Doug Wead. Well worth the 3 minutes. Watch below.

Also watch Judge Andrew Napolitano on a panel explain the illegal NSA and government surveillance. Watch this 4-minute video here:

Here is a short 3 minute video on more revelations of illegal NSA and government surveillance. See here:

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  1. I say to everyone: relax but keep praying for the will of God to be done and pray for President Trump’s protection and for his family. Continue to pray that he will hear from God and obey His instructions, walking in boldness and courage to complete all of God’s assignments. Very soon all those that are conspiring to undermine, overthrow, and impeach the president, will be exposed, issued arrest warrants, tried, prosecuted, and put in jail. It is just a matter of time. The justice of God will win out over all that’s happening. There are too many prophetic words that speak in agreement of what God is doing in America right now, and only what God is doing matters!

    Be at peace and stay watchful, vigilant and prayerful. To God be the glory and praise!

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