Islamic State: Genocide against Christians escalates—video

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Reports of more Christians—women, children and men—being crucified, beheaded and tortured to death are growing as the Islamic State expands and solidifies its territory.

First, I want to explain what is happening.

Second, please sign our petition now to stop the mass killings.

Third, watch the videos listed below, especially the video on the children being trained to kill.

So let’s start with the “why.”

ISIS—the Islamic State—is a political/ideological/religious movement.

Its teachings are based on the Koran and the sayings/example of Muhammad.

Here are a few insights of the horror and terror Christians (and other minorities and Muslims) have suffered:

  1. Volunteers soldiers are promised eternal virgins. A martyr would have 72 in heaven. Plus they can save dozens of their relatives from hell.
  2. Volunteers are allowed to have sex with non-Muslim women, even if they are married. So, Christian women are sexually assaulted, while their husbands are beheaded, crucified or tortured to death.
  3. Non-Muslim women prisoners can be their wives.
  4. You can buy and sell these women.
  5. The children you must raise as home workers and teach them to become Jihadists.
  6. Muslim women can willingly offer their bodies to Jihadists called “sex for Jihad.” The women will be compensated in heaven.
  7. The Koran says there are to be no prisoners so all enemies are killed.

This is warped. It’s barbaric. And it’s happening today.

Here is a great video of a former Muslim calling out President Obama on watering down condemnation of Islam, about 8 minutes long. Watch it here.

   Here is how they train the children. Watch it here, about 10 minutes long.

What did you think of the videos? Email [email protected] or call 310-212-5727.

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