It’s Not About Climate Change: The Destructive Government Takeover of the Green New Deal [Video]

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You’re not being told the truth about the Green New Deal – at least not if you’re listening to the progressive mainstream media or socialist politicians.

You see, it’s not about combating climate change. It never has been…

It’s about giving the federal government complete control over:

  • energy production
  • the transportation industry
  • manufacturing
  • agriculture                                                          

The mantra that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere pose an existential threat to the survival of the planet is just an excuse designed to make a massive, unprecedented increase in government power seem more palatable.

The Green New Deal was introduced in the House by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – and in the Senate by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) on February 7th of this year.

Both are nonbinding resolutions – they don’t provide any specific legislative proposals. They only list 5 goals which are to be accomplished over a 10-year period:

  1. Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers.
  2. Create millions of good, high-wage jobs and ensure prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States.
  3. Invest in the infrastructure and industry of the United States to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  4. Secure for all people of the United States for generations to come: clean air and water; climate and community resiliency; healthy food; access to nature; and a sustainable environment.
  5. Promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression of indigenous peoples, communities of color, migrant communities, deindustrialized communities, depopulated rural communities, the poor; low-income workers, women, the elderly, the unhoused, people with disabilities, and youth (“frontline and vulnerable communities”).

That last goal is a catch-all for a total takeover of American society by the federal government.

AOC – as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is called for short – is very open about being a socialist. She wants to transform the U.S. economy into something more primitive … and the cloak of environmentalism and climate change is the mantle she has chosen to use for that purpose.

Her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, admitted to the Washington Post that the Green New Deal was not only not based on the science of climate change, but in fact not even designed with climate change in mind at all.

The perceived urgency of dealing with climate change immediately or facing catastrophe in 12 years has added to the Green New Deal hype to give the idea a sense of legitimacy and urgency.

A word of caution: You shouldn’t listen to or take seriously any politician who claims the world is going to end unless you immediately pass my bill.

Watch this video that explains why we don’t need the Green New Deal to save the planet from certain destruction in the next 12 years (about 6 minutes).

Click here to watch the video.

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