Mail-In Ballots: What You Need to Know for Election 2016

Mail-In Ballots: What You Need to Know for Election 2016

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Mail-in Ballots. Mail in your ballot—today! Go to for our recommendations on all races.

And if the ballot envelope feels a little heavier this year than in the past—it is.

This year, your mail-in ballot requires two stamps.

Already mailed in your ballot with one stamp? No worries!

You  vote will be will counted.

The post office will charge your county for the extra postage—your vote will not be deleted!

So, have you voted yet? How did you decide to vote? Email me at [email protected].

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  1. Yes Craig I voted and of course I voted for the platform not the man. very biblically sound either way. we when we know what the end of the book says because God is the author. I believe the rapture is around the corner and our hope is not in either president but we are to responsibly boat for righteous rulers or rightists platforms if you will so obviously I voted pro Israel pro-life pro-religion pro second amendment pro sovereignty of our nation , and of course pro individual freedom . If things go south I would not be surprised at all because we know when the church is persecuted the church Floris’s look at China also if tax exempt status of churches is revoked, that may be a good thing for us house churches underground the belligerents of Americas will get more people saved in when it hits their pocketbooks I think more people will look at Jesus Christ and that’s where I come in because I’m ready for him keep up the good work I read your emails on your email address I teach and I write. I am a retired Marine sergeant major and a private security contractor in Israel right now I live in Jerusalem so if you ever have questions or you happen to go there let me know I also just got done doing a four-part series on PowerPoint on Jesus in the Old Testament for my Jewish friends over there .

  2. Would you explain why your guide recommends a no vote on CA Prop 60? Thanks for your help. This one confusing and gut-wrenching to process.

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