Mass Exodus from Socialist States [Video]

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Families are leaving socialist states…

Businesses are leaving socialist states…

The wealthy are leaving socialist states.

It’s a mass exodus from high-tax, high-regulation, socialistic states to those with low taxes, less regulation … and more freedom.

The largest migrations are exiting from Illinois, New Jersey, New York … and the largest of all – California.

California has lost 13,000 businesses over the past 4 years. That’s not a misprint – Thirteen Thousand! That’s a rate of 3,250 businesses per year – or between 62 and 63 businesses per week – leaving the state of California.

When businesses leave a state, so do families…

About 500,000 people have moved out of California over the past 8 years … yet the population of the state has remained about the same.


Illegal immigration.

The populations of Illinois, New Jersey and New York, on the other hand, have been declining…

Where do those who leave the socialist states go?

They go to places like Texas, Florida, Idaho, Utah … and other states with lower taxes, fewer regulations and more freedom.

Watch this 3 ½-minute video explaining the mass exodus taking place.

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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for this article about people and businesses leaving socialistic states! That is awesome and gives me much hope! I had a feeling that people in our country were still too educated to let this junk get over on them! Now I know I was right.

  2. The majority of people leaving socialist states for tax relief etc. are liberals voting in their new adopted states for the same policies and politicians in the new states that caused the problems in the states they are fleeing from. This is why for instance Virginia is turning blue.

  3. I am one of those who left California to move to a no-tax state, neighboring Nevada, and I have met so many other Californians here that is unbelievable.

  4. We all should be staying in our socialists/globalists states or moving to socialists/globalist states to fight back & kick-out the socialists/globalists. By running away we’re just allowing them to have free reign. We must ALL be deaf, dumb & blind not recognizing the globalist take over of many, many parts of the world. Globalists are running all our nations into the ground, stealing the wealth, causing us to fight with each other, destroying ourselves in the process. Then the globalists/devils/demons/evil spirits, principalities & powers will buy back the land for next to nothing & the ones who are left will be as slaves & servants to these evil tyrants.
    Thru the authority of Jesus Christ, Yeshua & the power of His resurrection, I command all this evil to be washed away in the blood of Jesus our Lord & Savior & all this evil be sent to the lake of fire forever. The Lord has given us His power over ALL kinds of evil. Go to the biker churches, set-free & get wisdom, understanding, knowledge, council, might, the Spirit of the Lord, or you better fear the thought of the Lord saying, “I never knew you.”

  5. If I were younger and raising a family I would leave this socialist state, California. I am disgusted with the ever increasing costs of living, the inadequate facilities for the homeless, and the “sanctuary” status and lack of concern for the invasion of illegals by the previous and present governors. Jerry spent more time and money in playing with his “choo choo train,” then he did to fix any of the many problems in what use to be the “Golden” state. Then what did people do but vote in another “progressive democrat.” I’m sick of California becoming the worst state in every poll. I’m looking forward to a better home in heaven.

  6. As U.S. Citizens in California leave the state due to the Socialist policies of the Democratic Party, the Party is scrambling to attract “warm bodies” to the state “by any means necessary,” so that they don’t lose Congressional representation in the 2020 Census (which is based on POPULATION–legal or illegal; not citizenship). THIS is why Governor Brown went to Mexico City and told Mexicans that it would be better if they immigrated to California, with free healthcare and education, than Texas. THIS is why the Democratic Party declared California a “sanctuary state.” THIS is why the Obama Administration housed thousands of detained unaccompanied minors at military bases in California. THIS is why Nancy Pelosi has insisted on limiting detainment beds for people caught illegally crossing the U.S. border, and has challenged border wall construction. THIS is why the first Honduran caravan of “refugees” didn’t head for the nearest border (Texas), but instead traveled to the extreme northwest of Mexico–the farthest they could travel–to the border of California. The Democratic Party is “colluding with foreigners” in the Socialist movements of Latin America to get as many people, by whatever means necessary, into the State of California before the 2020 Census so that they can be counted and added to California’s population; so that the Democrats can maintain their Congressional representation in the face of U.S. citizens leaving the state. And, just as they outed Meg Whitman’s illegal alien maid and got her deported in the process of scoring political points against Ms. Whitman, they’ll USE these Central Americans to help their Party and to qualify for more federal funds allocated by population. If the migrants are later deported for having failed to establish valid cases of refugee status, they will have served the Democratic Party’s purpose.

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