Media Bias: Ratings Crash!

Media Bias: Ratings Crash!

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Election 2016 was historic.

A businessman/reality TV star was the underdog going in, but came out victorious against a life-long, corrupt Democratic candidate who had been running for President for 20 years.

He also defeated a political machine which had raised hundreds of millions of dollars more than he had.

Hillary also depended on a corrupt and fawning media, dedicated to doing anything they could to promote her Presidency.

Media has become corrupt (Credit: The 4th Media)

Media has become corrupt (Credit: The 4th Media)

CNN, MSNBC, and the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) aggressively attacked every comment from Donald Trump, but ignored scandal after scandal from the Clinton camp:

  • The use of a private severe for classified information during her tenure as Secretary of State
  • The corrupting influence of foreign donations into the Clinton Foundation
  • The pay-for-play politics of the Clintons, especially during Hillary‚Äôs tenure as Secretary of State
  • The collusion of the Democratic National Committee with the press for the Election 2016 Presidential debates
  • The corruption of the Democratic Party primary process, to promote Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders

Today, their ratings are completely in the tank compared to more fair and balanced news stations.

Check out the latest statistics, where the numbers represent the share of the ratings the networks have received:

NetworkAverage One Day Share
HLN (Subsidiary of CNN)247

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  1. I doubt very much if our family will ever trust the network news again. We go to Fox News for all world and political news. Fox for Local news, and local newspaper. We also search the web. We watch CBN news, Israeli news, and TBN. Our country was in grave danger of being the next communist take over in the world. God has been merciful and called a very brave man to be President. We need to back him all the way. Also, we have been looking into companies and their products who support the left wing agenda, and it is so easy not to buy their product or visit their business or store. When you count our church, family, extended family and all of their families and friends, and churches, this memo covers a lot of people. We will keep it up.

  2. FOX news channel is better than most but, they are not exactly pure either. They have some pretty liberal folks there and some you can see right through them. Keep relying on Christ, not man, for that is where our true alliance is!
    Pray for all those in government, not that we should have an easier life, but so that God and Christ are magnified and glorified

  3. I really think we should band together as a people to do something decent but drastic to get the media’s attention. Namely we are fed up with their bias news! Other than NOT watch it, what else can each individual do to hurt their pocket book? Is there a list somewhere of sponsors of the news for each station? Each of us can make a difference if we use our proverbial voices!

    1. We can make a difference. Sometimes, all it takes is turning off the television. Some people go so far as to boycott the television program advertisers.

  4. The corruption and bias in the alleged American “free press” towards leftist government is blatant. This past election has attracted the most public action in a generation, perhaps since Reagan. The public awakening spurred by The Donald’s apparent (to the leftist media) long shot success brought the overwhelming far left bias in the press to the majority’s attention.

    Many Americans are now questioning the need for commercial TV and it’s attached leftist media. Not only are the market share numbers for TV in general and the major liberal news networks in particular falling, but being cut by the customers, as in “cutting the cable” on cable TV while preserving the Internet connection.

    More than anytime in the past this was the election of the guerrilla Internet. Anonymous, Guciffer 2.0, even alleged Russian reporters, favorable Trump commentary by Vlad Putin, Snowden and Julian Assange combined with domestic American patriot netcasters pushed the old line media out of the way.

    Liberty became fashionable again in America, and for the first time in several other nations too!

    Such a combination of sources, truly International, but also of common opinion. Specifically, the opinion that leftists in American government had gotten dangerously out of control. The direction of the Federal Government under the American Left had become a danger to the US and other nations across the globe. Reasonable people, from several nations, who united over the new technology, provided critical aide to the most significant American political upset in a generation.

    If history is any guide then the future may regard Mr. Trump’s unswerving, unconventional and even brilliant campaign as the greatest upset to Leftist-Liberal-Democrat advancement since Roosevelt’s socialist agenda.

    On a personal basis I have enjoyed much sounder, worry-free sleep in the last couple of weeks than in the previous 8 years. No doubt others will concur.

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