New and Disturbing TV Commercial: Destroying or Transforming Our Politics and Culture [Video]

Craig Huey California 3 Comments

TV commercials and videos can be transformational in

  • Communicating ideas
  • Persuading a target audience…

… or they can be a bust.

I’ve created over 400 TV commercials and video informercials for clients of my ad agency.

I can tell you from experience that some TV commercials can be powerful … and some a waste of money.

Do they successfully create a database?

Do they undermine the opposition?

Do they change opinions?

Do they motivate action?

If they simply make you smile … or take notice … but you then move on to the next activity, they fail.

Here is a new TV commercial – one commercial out of a series – progressive billionaire Tom Steyer is using for the 2018 election.

It’s only 60 seconds long…

Click here to watch … then let me know what you think.

Also, to combat this, can you please help us by donating $10 for our next video effort? It’s aimed at motivating 30 million Christians who don’t vote … to vote in this year’s midterm election.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. We are confused about the ads about Cox, negative things that disturb us very much, i.e., his past connections/activities/business in Chicago including being a Chicago lawyer, Cox saying that he was lining up with Brown, changed his mind about the wall and is now against it, etc, etc. Are these true or false ads/information?

  2. I think it is such a shame that it gas come to this. The progressives, do they realize they are promoting hate? Making it mom’s fault? I just have no words for this.

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