NRA Vs. Planned Parenthood Donations: Who Gave More?

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This may shock you.

The NRA, since 1998 (19 years) donated $3.6 million to politicians.

Planned Parenthood in 2016 alone donated $38 million to politicians.

Remember that next time the dishonest news media ballyhoos “the powerful gun lobby” owning the politicians.

That’s $3.6 million in almost 20 years for the NRA.

That’s $38 million in just one year for Planned Parenthood.

Incidentally, Planned Parenthood has spent over $500,000 just to attack me.

Who owns whom?

Who is wielding the financial clout in the halls of Congress?

It’s not the NRA.

The Washington Post in particular, and the progressive media in general, love making the NRA look like the bad guys, while completely ignoring the legalized abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood.

As I said, who owns whom?

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