Obama’s Iran Deal: Assault on Israel, U.S. World Peace [Video]

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Obama calls it a “once and a lifetime deal.” Netanyahu says it will destroy Israel.

Others say it is a sure path to worldwide nuclear war, including dozens of countries like Saudi Arabia getting weapons.

Now the U.S. is on the brink of war off the shore of Yemen with Iran…fighting Iran’s spread of terrorism worldwide…and in Paris making a deal that will allow Iran’s crazy leader to have nuclear weapons.

And Israel’s opposition: crushed and destroyed by President Obama’s Iran deal.

It’s a world gone mad, turned upside down.

Here is Sen. Rubio on Iran and its impact on Israel.

And here is Sen. Rand Paul and his astute take on the Iranian deal- and his answer to the massive, false attacks against him.

Here is a great video with Sen. Sasse on why you, America, Israel – and the world – will regret this deal with Iran. About 6 minutes long, see here.

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