Obama Team Loses: Netanyahu Wins

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Obama uses power & money to try and defeat Israel’s Netanyahu – 6 shocking facts you should know

President Obama and his closest political operatives actively used the most advanced political campaign advertising and data marketing strategies.

The goal:

To defeat the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and to help his liberal opponent win.

No U.S. President has ever used their resources to defeat a democratically elected official of another country.

Here are 6 shocking facts:

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  1. The Group V15 in Israel.

This group members – similar to Obama’s Organizing for America – are young, smart and with a progressive goal to transform Israel. Its economic policies are socialist. It wants a two-state solution to the Israeli and the Palestinian conflicts, including having Israel go back to the 1967 borders.

V15 stands for Victory 15.

They were able to cover Israel with 40 organizational centers to carry on their political efforts to influence’s Israel’s 5.8 million registered voters.

They organized 15,000 volunteers in the first ever phone and door to door ‘get out the vote campaign effort’.  They knocked on around 200,000 doors. Their online videos had over 2.5 millions views.

2. The U.S. Group “One Voice.”  Money and the best U.S. political talent were given to V15 by President Obama. Jeremy Bird, for example, oversaw Obama’s field direction to organize people during Obama’s own Presidential campaign – an unprecedented and powerful political game changer.

Other Obama’s campaign operatives assisting V15 were his top data, media and field organizers.

V15 Cofounder said about Jeremy: “He gave us intellectual resources on how to organize people. That what should be the structure of volunteers. A concept of having a regional field director and a field organizer. We want to actually bring the amazing concepts in the U.S. that has worked for a lot of parties. He’s doing wonderful work with us,” he said.

3. The Plan.  President Obama’s team used advanced marketing – digital, social, TV, email and direct mail in a historic, mindboggling way in 2012. They blew away Romney’s marketing efforts.

It was 1998 for the Republicans vs. 2012 for the Democrats marketing on steroids.

And all the marketing results were smartly integrated with ground game of knowing who to get to the poll and using advanced technology to do it.

And that’s what happened in Israel.

It was a well displayed army, changing the voter turnout and results through the most advanced and sophisticated marketing operation.

Unheard of in any Israeli election, V15’s goal was using the advanced data modeling so one million doors would be canvassed and brought to the polls.

Its goal was identifying young progressive voters, Arabs, and left-wing voters.

An army of trained Obama professionals… from the U.S. … controlling Israel’s politics.

Netanyahu saw it unfolding…and called the alarm to the Israeli voters.

4. U.S. Taxpayer Money.  Taxpayer money… at least $350,000 in State Department funds…went to One Voice. It’s probably more and now under investigation.

And then there is the U.S. State Department funding of the “Abraham Fund Initiative.”

It received $999,000 in 2013 and a $98,000 grant last year.

The funds in the election trained and sponsored young people to register and get out the vote for Arabs eligible to vote in Israeli elections.

Abraham Fund officials met with top officials in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in late January.

The State Department expedited visas for a delegation of Arab Israeli mayors to travel to the U.S. in February to learn political organization techniques.

The Abraham plan included targeted polling, grass root organizing, celebrity activism and election activities.

Other progressive groups also had U.S. help from the government, and from companies like Google and wealthy liberal U.S. citizens.

5. The Grand Snub and Humiliation.  As Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and many liberal Democrats boycotted the talk, creating negative press in Israel.

This hurt Netanyahu.

6. Israel Voters say “No” to Obama.

It was a crushing defeat to President Obama and his team.

It shocked the Progressive left.

It shocked the media.

What happened was that the Israeli people stood up against the White House and the Obama team’s manipulation of the election.

Israel has economic trouble. Many do not like Netanyahu and his policies.

But Obama’s efforts backfired.

The vote was against the U.S. Progressive left’s interference in their elections, Obama’s Iran deal, and the threat of the Arab vote (Which is about 20% of eligible voters. And, interestingly, some of the Arab vote went to Netanyahu.)

Add up these six factors and you have unethical interference in an election by the progressive left in a sovereign nation.

Think if this energy and brilliance were used to free the Iranian people from their corrupt terrorist government that want to destroy Israel, the U.S. – and control the Middle East.

A similar Obama Team campaign is happening in England to transform the next Great Britain election. And in other countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

A global progressive transformation to bigger government control, less freedom and socialism.

Hopefully, they will lose again.

And hopefully, the U.S. taxpayer’s will be remembered for the misuse of tax funds.

To close, here is a powerful, must-see presentation by Senator Marco Rubio. He outlines Obama’s anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, pro Palestinian history. Click here to watch.

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