People Are Sick and Dying Because of Government Bureaucracy

People Are Sick and Dying Because of Government Bureaucracy

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The Federal Drug Administration has prohibited promising drugs from being tested—even to the sick and dying. Because of its excessive regulations, the FDA delays and kills many new innovative cures. The FDA also outlaws many lifesaving medical devices or delays these products from being accessible.

Because it serves as the only review agency in the United States, no amount of reforms can fix the FDA. The antiquated administration relies on old patterns and slow, bureaucratic procedures to review rapid innovations, many of which consumers already rely on in other countries.

To meet the challenge of this incredible developments in medical technology, the United States should consider establishing a review process similar to the European Union.

Developers and inventors in the EU can submit their food and medical products through one of a number of “notified bodies”.  The approval from any one of these agneices guarantees the product’s sale in any country.

Moreover, the competition among these diverse agencies ensures an efficient (good for the producer) and accurate (good for the consumer) appraisal of all prospective goods for the marketplace.

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