Questionnaire for Community College Board

Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire for Community College Board


  1. What is your name and what office are you running for?
  2. Please discuss your understanding of the district’s budget. Where should spending be cut or expanded?
  3. Are there areas of waste in the budget that can be used more productively?
  4. Should taxes be raised, lowered or remain the same to support your college?
  5. Should there be vocational training programs within the district?
  6. What can be done to entice competent instructors to the district? What can be done about incompetent instructors?
  7. Do you favor passing additional bonds to improve the campus facilities? If no, why do you not favor a bond? If yes, how large of a bond do you favor?
  8. What are your thoughts about military recruiting on campus?
  9. What are your thoughts on the teaching of intelligent design?
  10. Which politician(s) or leader(s) do you think best reflects this philosophy and why?
  11. Should Christian clubs be able to choose Christian leaders for their clubs?

Please return to [email protected].


Craig Huey
LA Voter Guide