Religious Liberty: Progressive Left Outsmarts Common Sense – and Wins

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The Left wins again.

Despite the overwhelming vote of the state legislature, and widespread support from church leaders and conservatives throughout the country, Georgia Governor Deal vowed to veto HB 757, a weak religious liberty bill to protect pastors and churches.

How did it happen? Why did the Governor cave?

It’s because of massive propaganda in the media and the Left aggressively marketing their ideas.

The bill was created because of religious intolerance. Men and women of faith have been losing their businesses, their jobs, even their safety as the liberals force individuals to participate in activities which violate their conscience.

A bakery in Oregon was not only forced to close, but faced a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake. Photographers and florists have faced similar pressure to help celebrate gay weddings, which violates their religious beliefs.

Let’s not forget the Atlanta, Georgia fire chief who was fired for teaching a Sunday school class that homosexuality is wrong.

This is outrageous!

I do not care if you are Catholic or Evangelical, an atheist, agnostic, Republican, Democrat, or Independent …

This attack on individual liberty must cease!

The United State of America was founded on freedom of conscience. No man could force another to hold or advocate views or opinions which someone finds personally offensive or disagrees with.

And yet today, the Governor of Georgia joined with the governors of Arizona, Indiana, and Arkansas, and caved to corporate pressure and left-wing bullies instead of defending religious liberty.

Disney, Apple, Coca-Cola, the NFL, and Hollywood all threatened to boycott Georgia.

What caused the uproar?

In the last four months, the left organized:

  • Petitions
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

They did all of this in a massive effort to flood the Governor’s office with thousands of demands to veto the bill.

And practically no one supported it.

In addition, the Left targeted 1) the top corporate leaders 2) the employees of the top corporate leaders A well-coordinated media pressure campaign caused the companies to stand up against religious liberty.

The Left won. America lost.

When people who believe in freedom start putting pressure on businesses, vendors, and corporate interests to respect individual liberties, they in turn will direct their power on the government to do the same.

It is time to fight back!

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