Santa Clara County Voter Guide

Santa Clara County Voter Guide

This Election 2020 Santa Clara County voter guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidate’s record according to experience, integrity, and commitment to community.

Here you’ll find recommendations for:

  • President
  • Propositions
  • Superior Court Judges
  • Congress
  • State Senator
  • Assembly Men
  • City Council

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Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. Here is our rating system:

  •  : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
  • : Very good.
  • : Acceptable.
  • : Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning.
  • : Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.

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2020  Presidential Election Recommendations

(View official election schedule here)


  • Joe Biden(D) 
  • Elizabeth Warren (D) 
  • Bernie Sanders (D) 
  • Pete Buttigieg (D) 
  • Tom Steyer (D) 
  • Mike Bloomberg (D) 
  • Donald Trump (R)  [Endorsed]
  • Governor William F. Weld (R) 



link for info: here


Judges sitting on California courts may be incompetent, corrupt or lazy. Even worse, many are political opportunists with a political agenda.

There are two types of judges. One is the “judicial activist.” A judicial activist legislates from the bench. Instead of strictly interpreting California law, these judges make the laws. Instead of applying the law to facts, they rule based on their own values

Judicial activists have:

  • Overturned voter-passed initiatives and laws passed by the state legislature because they personally have different belief system. They twist the law to rationalize their decisions.
  • Imposed their own moral codes, political beliefs and secular values in an effort to reshape our society and promote social engineering.

The second judicial philosophy, “strict constructionist,” is one in which the judge impartially arrives at a fair judgment based on law.

Judicial activists are usually more liberal; strict constructionists are usually more conservative.


1 being lowest, 10 being best. This is a 1-10 scale for Judge ratings. 

We come up with the final rating by taking the average of the candidate’s Judicial Index and Qualifications. For example, if the candidate had a Judicial Index of 8 and Qualifications of 6, their overall rating would be 7.

Superior Court Judges

Office 7

  • Luis Ramos – Uncontested

Office 27

  • Christine Garcia-Sen – Uncontested

U.S. House of Representatives

District 17

  • Ro Khanna (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Stephen Forbes (D) 
  • Ritesh Tandon (R) 
  • Joe Dehn (L) 

District 18

  • Anna Eshoo (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Rishi Kumar (D) 
  • Richard Fox (R) 
  • Phil Reynolds (R) 
  • Bob Goodwyn (L) 

District 19

  • Zoe Lofgren (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Ivan Torres (D) 
  • Justin Aguilera (R) 
  • Ignacio Cruz (R) 
  • Jason Mallory (I)

District 20

  • Jimmy Panetta (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Adam Bolanos Scow (D) 
  • Jeff Gorman (R) 

California State Senate

District 13

  • Shelly Masur (D) 
  • Josh Becker (D) 
  • Mike Brownrigg (D) 
  • Sally Lieber (D) 
  • Annie Oliva (D) 
  • Alex Glew (R) 

District 15

  • Nora Campos (D) 
  • Dave Cortese (D) 
  • Ann Ravel (D) 
  • Ken Del Valle (R) 
  • Robert Howell (R) 

District 17

  • Maria Cadenas (D) 
  • John Laird (D) 
  • John M. Nevill (D) 
  • Vicki Nohrden (R) 

State Assembly

District 24

  • Marc Berman (D) 
  • Peter Ohtaki (R) 
  • Kennita Watson (L) 

District 25

  • Jim Canova (D) 
  • Natasha Gupta (D) 
  • Anne Kepner (D) 
  • Bob Brunton (R) 

District 27

  • Ash Kalra (Incumbent) (D) 
  • G. Burt Lancaster (R) 

District 28

  • Evan Low (Incumbent) (D) 
  • Carlos Rafael Cruz (R) 
  • Sam Ross (I) 

District 29

  • Mark Stone (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Shomir Banerjee (R) 

District 30

  • Robert Rivas (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Gregory Swett (R)