Shocking Corruption in Sacramento – Video Exposé

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Hawaiian sun, sand, potlucks and…California’s politicians?

The politicians in Sacramento are supposed to represent you and your interests. But they don’t. They represent the good of special interest organizations.

   These politicians live off special interest money to get elected.

For example Al Muratsuchi, an Assemblymember for the South Bay, received well over $2 million from outside special interest money during his campaign race.

Some examples of this abuse have actually been caught by the media. It is a shocking exposé of these corrupt politicians getting free trips, in this case to Hawaii, as well as other unfair kickbacks. Most American families save up for a couple of years to go on trips like this. But for politicians, this is just standard procedure.

This last year, the politicians accepting free luxury trips to Hawaii included the following:

   State Assembly

    1. Frank Bigelow, R–O’Neals
    2. Adam Gray, D–Merced
    3. Isadore Hall, III, D–Los Angeles
    4. Roger Hernández, D–West Covina
    5. Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D–South Los Angeles
    6. Bill Quirk, D–Hayward
    7. Freddie Rodriguez, D–Pomona
    8. Don Wagner, R–Irvine

   State Senate

9. Tom Berryhill, R–Twain Harte
10. Rod Wright, D–South Los Angeles

As you can see, Republicans can be as guilty as the Democrats. The politicians who misuse the system, increase your taxes, decrease school choice opportunity and decrease income and job creation need to go

Watch this video. You’ll be both shocked and upset. It’s 6 minutes.

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