Shot 6 Times, not 5 Times: Hope When Your World Is Turned Upside Down [Video]

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Two years ago, I was scheduled to give the Sunday morning worship service at The Ark – “Calvary Chapel Montebello”.

My topic for the Bible study: Hope When Your World is Upside Down.

A week before that, I had been interviewed on Fox, talking about the spike in crime in California and elsewhere (See video here).

Little did I know that a few days later my son Cory would be shot 6 times by gang bangers.

He flatlined on the operating table … two arteries were shattered … the doctors thought five bullets were in him, but just this year we discovered there were six.

Cory is a miracle to be alive and he is almost fully recovered from his severe injuries… by the grace of God.

He is now in Maine at a Bible training school. And last week, he got a great job.

He felt a bump on his back a few weeks ago… and they discovered it was another bullet – the 6th hollow-tip bullet.

He created the cross with two spikes – and put the bullet in the middle.

Thanks again for all those who prayed for him and helped him financially recover.

If you would like to send Cory a word of encouragement, feel free to drop him a note:

Cory Schaich
Calvary Chapel Bangor
154 River Road
Orrington, Maine 04474

The weekend after he was shot, I was to give three Sunday Morning Worship services at Calvary Chapel Montebello. Shelly was going to be there and give a prayer at the end.

You can watch the service here.

It’s God’s grace and mercy that strengthened us to deliver a message on hope. Hope is all we could grab hold of after the shooting.

I encourage you to watch the Sunday Morning service. My prayer is that it will encourage you and give you renewed hope.

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    1. So glad to hear Cory’s doing much better and that he’s at Bible school now. PTL!! Thanks for the update Craig!

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