Socialism and Extremism: The Shocking New Democratic Party

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Socialism and Extremism: The Shocking New Democratic Party

It’s disturbing and shocking…

The Democrats voting in the 2018 primaries are advocating radical, socialistic policies as never before.

I just spoke to a group of black pastors. All had been Democrats and had previously voted Democratic.

Not now…

Not with Democrats running away from – and even attacking – traditional economic and religious values.

This trend was forcefully demonstrated recently by a guest on Tucker Carlson’s program.

Watch the shocking interview here (about 12 ½ minutes):

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  1. Craig
    I am not a sophisticated computer operator. Your website has become cluttered with side deals like private information offers etc. Consider
    That I’m 82 and using an iPhone
    I’ve supprted you political position for years
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  2. Craig, that should be ‘Democrat Party’, rather than ‘Democratic’. The first use in American politics of the term ‘Democratic’ was during the so-called ‘First Party System’, when the Party of Jefferson and Madison took the label ‘Democratic Republican’.

    Now *that* was a democratic party, in the sense that the framers of the Constitution meant by the modifier ‘democratic’. As you well know, the Founding Fathers were universally opposed to democracies, but as you say, this Progressive Democrat party is opposed to just about everything the framers were for.

    The only solution is TACTICAL CIVICS™…a responsible American remnant returns to the duties that must attend true popular sovereignty. Americans have abdicated their duties (and attendant authority and prerogative powers) for at least five generations. See this new way of life explained here:

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