Are Trump Supporters Lying Bigots? Bernie Sanders Says Yes: 5 Reasons He’s Wrong

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In the socialist world view – the world of identity politics – one can’t support both religious freedom and LGBTQ rights. They are mutually exclusive. You have to pick one group or the other… So when President Trump condemns countries that punish, imprison … and even execute … individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation, while at the same …

Libertarian Party: Crippled by Liberal-Progressive Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party: Crippled by Liberal-Progressive Gary Johnson

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Election 2016 could have been the year that the Libertarian Party became a viable voice and advocate for freedom. Their consistent message was destroyed with their Presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who was a horrible spokesman and candidate. Vice-Presidential nominee William Weld, the former liberal Republican of Massachusetts, made matters worse. Johnson’s abysmal candidacy was compounded by his liberal, statist stances, …