Voter Guide Warning

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Without a complete voter guide, millions of Christians, conservative Catholics, conservatives and libertarians will not know how to vote. Without a complete voter guide, you will vote against your values for judges, propositions and dozens of candidates including … District Attorneys and Sheriffs. The election is just weeks away. But our voter guide has not received the necessary funds this …

Most Powerful Influential Evangelical Leaders in America Today?

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Four evangelical leaders help shape and protect policy, the media, and Christians. Four who are the most influential, evangelical Christian leaders most Christians couldn’t name.  Can you? There are some great radio teachers/pastors, great authors, great TV personalities, great movie stars, great singers and worship leaders who are evangelical Christians. But who are the four who are the most influential …

Shocker: 40% of Democrats Say Christians Have a Negative Impact on Society

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The number of Americans who believe churches, religious groups and individual Christians are having a negative impact on American society is skyrocketing. In 2017, 50% of Democrats – and those Democrats leaning toward socialism – believed Christians were having a positive effect on society… Today it’s only 38% … and 40% of Democrats say churches and religious groups impact society …

Adoption Under Attack: 7 Shocking Things You Should Know About the Assault on Christian Adoption Agencies

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Across America, Christian adoption agencies are under attack. And across America, those who defend these agencies are under attack. The media and the socialist politicians want to control aspects of our life so much that our religious liberties are being assaulted. Let me explain what is happening. Christian adoption agencies are being banned in state after state. Over the years, …

Tell Congress: Save the Christians from Genocide! (Petition)

Tell Congress: Save the Christians from Genocide! (Petition)

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Every thirty minutes, unspeakable tragedy strikes. A Christian in murdered in the Middle East! They have nowhere to go. In refugee camps, Muslims rape the women, abuse the children, and kill the men. In Europe, they are no better off, facing persecution from other Muslims, whether in refugee camps or out and about on the street. Their only hope is …

Sign Our Petition: Save the Christians from Genocide!

Sign Our Petition: Save the Christians from Genocide!

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Every 30 minutes, a Christian is martyred in the Middle East. That’s 48 a day, and over three hundred a week. Christians in the Middle East are being targeted by ISIS and radical Muslim terrorists. By Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has a great bill which will grant Christians emergency refugee status because they are targeted for genocide. Please sign our …