What a U.S. Citizen Living in Honduras Thinks about the Caravan: 7 Perspectives You’ll Never Hear from the Progressive Media [Videos]

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Jennifer Zilly Canales is a U.S. citizen who married a Honduran 5 years ago… She and her husband operate the Living Waters Children’s Ranch on the northern coast of Honduras. They have parented 11 orphaned and abandoned Honduran children and teens … 7 of which currently live with them in their small cinderblock home on the outskirts of El Pino. …

Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

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The media distorted the facts—again—along with social media, which created a hysteria of lies and distortions about Trump’s latest executive orders touching on immigration. To compound the issue, there were travelers detained in between extreme vetting to make sure that Americans are safe. Here are the lies: “It’s a Muslim ban.” No, it’s a ban on seven countries which former President …