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Shocking Revelation: Your State May Come After Your Estate to Get Reimbursement for Medicaid Payments After You Die

Craig Huey Government, Congress, and Politics, Healthcare, Obamacare 3 Comments

Many Americans who signed up for health insurance under Obamacare were placed into their state’s Medicaid program because of their income. Perhaps you were one of them … or perhaps you know someone who was. Receiving free healthcare under expanded Medicaid programs is one reason why so many people like Obamacare … and don’t want to see it repealed. But …

Changing Your Medicare/Medicaid Health Insurance Company: Buyer Beware

Craig Huey Current Events, Healthcare, Uncategorized 1 Comment

Due to proposed changes to Medicaid and Medicare, many readers aged 60 and older will be looking at changing their supplemental health insurance company. Many of these companies will claim in their marketing literature that they are endorsed by AARP. That should raise a giant red flag in your mind. Why? Because AARP spends millions of dollars every year on …

Medicaid: Why It’s So Bad and Hurting So Many

Craig Huey Government, Congress, and Politics, Healthcare 1 Comment

Medicaid is what Obamacare is becoming: Inferior care Long waits, even for needed surgery Poor choice of doctors Medicaid is arguably the world’s worst health insurance program. Why? The joint federal-state health program allows the federal government to give states 50 cents for every dollar they spent on purchasing health coverage for the poor and needy. It has caused Medicaid …