The Deep State War on Religious Freedom: Little-Known Attacks by Bureaucrats [Video]

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The Deep State is a loosely organized coalition of both elected and unelected local, state and federal government – and even non-government – career employees who are politically motivated and ideologically driven to:

  • Expand the scope and reach of government authority
  • Increase the number of government regulations
  • Preserve and Increase government power
  • Grow the size of the bureaucratic/administrative state

The Deep State is at war against Christianity and against Christians … and against any individual or group that disagrees with its agenda by supporting individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I recently did an interview on the Deep State’s war against religious freedom with Brad Dacus on his radio program, The Dacus Report.

I talked about bureaucratic government attacks against faith-based adoption agencies … and against faith-based businesses.

Click here to watch to the interview (the first 14 minutes).

Arm yourself with the truth about the real conspiracy that’s seeking to undermine and slowly take away your constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms … and transform American society into a destructive socialistic state.

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