The War on Police: 6 Disturbing Facts You Should Know [Video]

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The brutal shooting of two Compton, California police officers was a shocking event.

If you have not seen the brutal attempted murder of two police officers sitting in their car, click here for the short video.

Here are 6 things you should know:

Fact #1: Abuse, beatings, and killings of police officers is escalating nationwide.

Across American cities, the looting of property and stores, the rampant shooting and killing of children and innocent men and women is growing.

But now the targeting of police has become the new normal.

Over 1,000 officers have been abused, beaten, shot or killed this year.

There have been close to 1,000 violent “protests” in small and large cities.


Fact #2: The constant verbal attacks on the police by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the biased media, and groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) have fueled hatred, violence, and death.

It’s been non-stop attacks on police.

And it’s a gross distortion of the truth and reality.

No one denies there has been a small number of bad police officers … and some abuse of power by a few police officers.

But the war on the police has not distinguished between the few bad and the vast majority of good police who are helping protect people.

And the falsehood of police pursuing and targeting blacks for killing must stop – it’s not true.

But that is not all.

Fact #3: The Democrat/Socialist mayors’ policies have failed.

Allowing anarchists, thieves, and killers to run wild, terrorizing businesses and neighborhoods is wrong.

Fact #4: People should not live in fear.

The number one purpose of government is protection. And the local police force is the number one safety net people and businesses need.

People should not live in fear.

You should not be fearful of your kids being shot.

You should not be fearful of going to work, school, or to a park.

You should not be fearful of going outside, walking or driving.

And businesses should not fear looting.

Fact #5: “Defunding” the police makes no sense. It is dangerous talk leading to more violence.

The “defund” or “slash” the police budget movement is crazy.

Yes, the bureaucracy is too big.

Yes, there is waste.

Yes, there can be cuts.

But the police budget cannot be “defunded,” nor can massive shifts be made.

The corrupt Democrat-Socialist city mayors in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and more are endangering their people and business owners.

And the money that’s being shifted from the police and gang units … where is it going?

It is going to radical political groups and government-sponsored social engineering programs.

Fact#6: One of the most powerful commentators on the violence is Tucker Carlson. Here is a powerful monologue. Watch this 11-minute video, click here.

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  1. I love America! I was born in England and lived with Social medicine. Have you ever noticed English teeth. They are disgusting and are indicative of how much care the rest of your body is getting. I love the freedom here. I will vote for Trump to keep this country safe!

    Please email me the suggestions for voting for November! Judges and bills included!
    Thank you
    Jackie Adams

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