The battle against Walmart

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Would you pay Walmart 15% more so its workers can make $15/hour?

Over the years, Walmart has provided thousands with employment and has offered its local communities lower-priced goods and services.

   But the unions have made a concerted effort to attack Walmart in order to voice their opinion.

Despite the fact that Walmart provides excellent entry-level income and opportunity to advance to better paying jobs inside or outside of Walmart, many have been condemning Walmart for asking for a $15 per hour minimum wage for Walmart employee.

   Peter Schiff, an American businessman, investment broker, author and financial commentator had a great idea:

He asked shoppers exiting the store if they thought the company should pay its employees more. He then asked if they were willing to pay 15% higher prices to make the $15 per hour wage possible. He was rebuffed a majority of the time.

Do you think Walmart employees should make $15/hour? Tell me what you think at[email protected].

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