The Media Cried “Islamophobia”—And What Really Happened: When the Left Lies, and Is Finally Exposed

Craig Huey Religious Freedom Leave a Comment

Liberal politicians.

Liberal media.

Liberal groups.

They all have one thing in common: they lie.

Here is an example:
MSNBC claims that the Department of Homeland Security placed an American citizen, Saadiq Long, on a no-fly list because he was a Muslim.

Once allowed to fly back, Long got into trouble with local police and the FBI, and he was placed on the no-fly list again.

The media shouted “foul” and played him up as a victim. He eventually flew back to his home in Qatar by way of Mexico.

Where is he today? Sitting in a Turkish jail cell with other family members. Why? Police found him and eight others along the Turkey-Syria border as part of an ISIS terrorist cell.

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