Voter Fraud Exposed: How I Registered To Vote as a Fake Person—and Received a Ballot in the Mail!

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I recently interviewed on Fox about voter fraud, and people were absolutely shocked.

I pointed out how voter fraud could easily happen…

And I showed how easy it is for a noncitizen to fraudulently vote in California and many other states.

But did you know that without voter ID, you don’t have to be a noncitizen to be registered to illegally vote?

Anyone can do it.

Let me tell you about Leslie Ross…

I was shocked by the amount of evidence exposing voter fraud in the state of California – and in many other states – including Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

It seems like the State of California will let any person – real or fake – register to vote and stay on the voter rolls. They don’t need to show proof of who they are, where they live, or even if they are still alive.

So, I decided to try to register to vote under a fake name – “Ms. Leslie Ross” – to see what would happen … and how far I could make it as a fake voter.

I was shocked by what happened … and you will be too, when you see how easy it could be to potentially commit voter fraud.

First, I went online to register to vote. It was a very simple process – requiring only my name, address, and state of birth.

They also requested my ethnicity, and asked for my political party. I registered as “Democrat.”

Then, I received an application in the mail, asking for my signature.

I signed the form and sent it back in … and received another letter asking for my California ID and social security number.

This is what the form looks like. Notice that “I am U.S. Citizen” and “I will be at least 18 years old by the next election” is already checked.

But before this form could have reached its destination, I received a ballot to vote in the June primaries!

The State of California was giving me the right to vote … without checking my name or proof of identification.

If it’s that easy to vote under a fake name, then potentially anyone could:

  • Commit voter fraud by signing up to vote as multiple people and voting on multiple ballots
  • Vote even though not a U.S. citizen

Here’s a photo of the ballot I received as “Leslie Ross,” with the “Official Voter Information Guide” addressed to Leslie Ross.

This disturbing experiment is proof that the State of California – and many other state governments – want to make it as easy as possible to vote in our elections … choose who runs our state … and influence our policies, laws and government.

They don’t care about whether you are legal, eligible … or even exist.

Of course, I will not use the ballot. But the state is ready to allow me to commit voter fraud.

We need to take a stand for integrity and transparency in our voting system.

Click here to sign the petition to STOP voter fraud.


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  1. I used to work with a man who was a Democrat, when I was working for the city of Fontana. Every election day he would arrive late to work, the reason he gave us, was he had to vote so many times to cancel out all our , his Republican co-workers votes. we would tell him that their was no way he could vote more than once, the same as us, and he would laugh at us and tell us,” their are ways”, and that he never knew what name he would vote under. I used to think he was just pulling our leg, now hearing some of these stories I don’t know. I would ask my Democratic co worker, but he passed away just a few weeks after he retired. I wonder if he is still voting?

  2. Voter fraud , anchor babies & chain migration, 3 of our biggest problems. I Urge your readers to go to their state & national reps office and tell them. Say no to sanctuary & voter fraud.

  3. Maybe all we who are Conservatives should take a hint from Larry Hume’s co-worker who voted so many times to cancel out Republican voters at work. If each of us voted three or four times, I’ll bet we could easily win every election. Fight fire with fire. Not serious of course, but maddening what the liberals will do, lie, cheat, steal…anything to win.

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