Warning to Every City: Rental Evictions Doubled

Craig Huey Government, Congress, and Politics Leave a Comment

Every city could devastate the lives of its most vulnerable.

Most people who rent are not rich. Many are just making it.

But bad government policies are creating an epidemic of foreclosures, hurting the poor the most.

Evictions in Los Angeles have risen 235% from 2013-2014.


Rent control.

The only economic hope for landlords to survive the rising costs, fees, taxes and regulations is to turn the apartments into condos.

Apartments are disappearing!

To solve the problem: get rid of rent control, excessive fees, taxes and regulations.

Allow the free market to operate and watch new apartments and lower rents.

But the liberal politicians answer: more regulations, control, fees and taxes.

So, LA gets worse and worse – with residents finding no place to live.

Rent control has never worked.

Rent control never will work.

Bureaucrats “helping” people create unintended circumstances – like people with nowhere to go.

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