Wikipedia Warning: Co-Founder Says Wikipedia Only Uses Pro-Socialist Sources and Blocks Anything Conservative, Libertarian or Christian [Video]

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Wikipedia is not objective.

It’s written from a pro-socialist, secular anti-Christian anti-conservative, anti-libertarian worldview.

When you read Wikipedia, it’s a biased review.

When I objected multiple times about my listing, I’ve never been able to change it.

This is common.

Watch this video with the co-founder of Wikipedia.

It’s with Larry Sanger who in 2001 cofounded Wikipedia, but Sanger left the company a few years later.

Here are the key points from the video:

  • Wikipedia is now the country’s single most important source of history and profiles. This is the primary source of information for many people in the United States and shapes their views about history.
  • Larry Sanger says Wikipedia is no longer a reliable source of honest information.
  • Sanger says the editors of Wikipedia use highly politicized sources blocking dissenting news outlets from contributing
  • Wikipedia allows anonymous contributions and there is a natural incentive to learn how to play the game – this results in establishment views being pushed on Wikipedia and the “neutral” point of view is completely abandoned.
  • Sanger wants to see a network of all the encyclopedia articles in the world made easily searchable, this which would eliminate the dependency on Wikipedia and allow us to find articles from our own point of view on every subject.

Sanger has been a leading critic of Wikipedia for over a decade and now apologizes to all the people’s reputations that have been sullied due to what he started 20 years ago.

Click HERE to watch the 4 1/2 minute.

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